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Request Sponsorship

Requesting Company Sponsorship for Your Executive MBA

Start the Process Early

The priority deadline for Idaho Executive MBA application materials is February 1. Start the process early to ensure all materials are received by University of Idaho Graduate Admissions Office and the Executive MBA Program on time. Visit with your supervisor and the Human Resources Development Office about benefits for continuing education or executive education, and whether or not your company has previously sponsored EMBA candidates.

Understand the Time Commitment

The program schedule allows for maximum flexibility and work-family balance. The program is divided into four semesters with a one-week summer residence in the first year, and a three-day residence between the first and second year. Classes meet once a month during the academic year (September-May) for three consecutive days (Thursday-Saturday).

Determine Personal Qualifications

Your achievements for your company will be your most convincing qualifications. If your quarterly or year-end review was notably positive, use the points your manager praised most in a sponsorship proposal. A few examples are:
  •  You had the top sales in your region
  •  You increasingly expand the use of the company product in your region
  •  Your marketing tactics lead to increased exposure
  •  You have taken on more responsibilities and are exceeding expectations
  •  You have received client/customer praise

Determine Company Benefits

Make a list of potential ways your company could benefit from your earning an MBA degree and incorporate these into your Sponsorship Proposal. A few examples are:
  •  The Idaho Executive MBA will allow you to earn an MBA degree without interrupting your career
  •  Your program and degree will increase global economic perspective
  •  Your company is in a period of growth
  •  Your company is in a period of declining sales
  •  Your company will have increased visibility
  •  Your company’s network will widen

Write a Sponsorship Proposal

A Sponsorship Proposal should be succinct and should focus on how your Personal Qualifications can lead to substantial company benefits. This document should be created with the care of a business proposal. View Sample Request for Corporate Sponsorship as a model (the suggested Appendex A can be found at Admission and Appendex B can be found at Schedule).


Not all companies are able to give full funding, so be prepared to negotiate. Investigate advantages other than full sponsorship, such as paid time off to attend class, or a pay increase upon completion of the degree. Ask specific questions. Will your company allow you the days off, or will you have to use your vacation time? If you commit to staying with the organization for a set period of time after you receive the MBA, will you be reimbursed for some or all of your education expenses? Communicate how sponsorship will benefit your organization.