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Executive MBA Program
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between an EMBA degree and an MBA degree?
    The degree for both programs is a Master in Business Administration degree. The difference is in the structure of the program and the experience of the participants. The Executive Master of Business Administration is an MBA degree designed specifically for working managers and professionals. The class schedule is formatted to allow participants to earn their MBA degree in less than two years without interrupting their careers. The program combines the rigor and depth of a traditional MBA program with the flexible format of an executive program.
  • When should I start the application process?
    The earlier the better so you will have the time to write a sponsorship proposal and get all necessary forms and letters to the Graduate Admissions Office by the priority deadline. Their address is 875 Perimeter DR MS4019, Moscow ID 83844-4019.
  • How are participants selected for the program?
    We seek and accept candidates from a broad range of educational backgrounds, functional areas, and industries. We look at experience, career progression, and potential for advancement. We consider a candidate’s readiness for graduate school, ability to contribute to class learning and motivation, and commitment to the program.
  • What is NOT included in the program fee?
    The program fees include registration, books, materials, and most meals. Commuting participants can apply for a housing stipend. You will be responsible for all travel costs, most dinners, and a portion of lodging fees if commuting. In addition, a laptop computer is required.
  • Is the GMAT required?
    Please contact us directly by calling 208.885.0555 to discuss whether you will need to complete the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), which is administered by the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC). For registration information and testing locations in the U.S. and Canada, call 800.717.4628 or visit www.MBA.com, the Official GMAT Web Site. If the GMAT is required, start preparing as early as possible. Request that your official scores be sent to the University of Idaho Graduate Admissions Office (school code FKX-34-58) and include a photocopy of your score report in the application packet. Your GMAT needs to be taken within the last five years.
  • I don’t have an accounting or finance background. Will this affect my chances of getting accepted into the program or of excelling in the program?
    Although a bachelor’s degree is required, the degree need not have been in a business field. In fact, many of our participants do not have experience in a business field that includes a finance or accounting background. The integrated curriculum and course work is designed to develop these competencies. The Idaho Executive MBA Program faculty and staff will set up tutoring if necessary to help you gain confidence and perform well in these disciplines.
  • May I visit a class?
    Absolutely. We encourage prospective participants as well as prospective sponsors to visit the classroom. This is an ideal opportunity to meet current participants and faculty. Please contact us to set up your visit.
  • Does my company have to provide a full or partial scholarship for me to be considered for the program?
    No. Although we encourage prospective participants to investigate the options their company has available for continuing education, federal and private student loans may be available.
  • To whom should my sponsor speak with about the program benefits, requirements, and company involvement?
    We welcome the opportunity to speak with your sponsor. Please contact us to set up a meeting.
  • I am a small business owner. May I sponsor myself?
  • What should the Sponsor Endorsement Letter focus on?
    The Sponsor Endorsement Letter should focus candidly on the applicant’s character and professional competence. In addition, the letter should evaluate how the applicant can contribute to the Idaho Executive MBA Program and how the program can help him or her grow professionally and personally. Finally, the Sponsor Endorsement Form should include the level of sponsorship the company plans to provide the applicant.
  • My company’s sponsorship abilities are limited. Am I eligible for financial aid?
    Yes. To apply for a Federal Stafford Direct Loan and Graduate PLUS Loan, fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The University of Idaho’s federal financial aid code for the FAFSA is 001626. If you are accepted for admission to the Executive MBA Program and your FAFSA is complete, the University of Idaho will send you a financial aid award letter indicating your eligibility for the various available loans. At that time you may accept or decline all or part of these loans. Student loans are dispersed into student accounts each semester.
  • What happens if I change positions or companies mid-program?
    If you accept employment with a new company mid-program, ask your new employer to consider continuing or increasing the sponsorship of your prior company. Since every case will be different, please contact us if any changes occur so that we can help you each step of the way through the transition.
  • What happens if I am laid off by my company mid-program?
    Losing your job will not impact your status in the program. If your company had been funding your education, consider your financial aid options as a way to fund the rest of your education. If your company had not been funding your education, you will continue to be eligible for financial aid. Contact us immediately if you lose funding mid-program so that we can help you decide the best next steps.