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Christina Anthony-McDonald

Yun Chung

Yun Chung, Ph.D.

Office: ALB227
Phone: 208-885-0843
Email: yunchung@uidaho.edu

College of Business & Economics
University of Idaho
Associate Professor of Management and Human Resources

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Social Networks, Diversity and Faultlines, Teams, Training & Development, and Strategic Human Resource Management.
  • Selected Publications
    • Chung, Y., & Park, Y. The effects of financial education and networks on business students’ financial literacy. American Journal of Business Education. In press.
    • Chung, Y. 2013. Trainee readiness for diversity training. Journal of Diversity Management. 8: 77-84.
    • Chung, Y., & Jackson, S. E. 2013. The internal and external networks of knowledge intensive teams: The role of task routineness. Journal of Management. 39: 442-468.
    • Jiang, Y., Jackson, S. E., Shaw, J. B., & Chung, Y. 2012. The consequences of educational specialty and nationality faultlines for project teams. Small Group Research. 43: 613-644.
    • Baker-Eveleth, L., Chung, Y., Eveleth, D. M., & O'Neill, M. 2011. Developing a community of practice through learning climate, leader support and leader interaction. American Journal of Business Education. 4: 33-40. 
    • Chung, Y., & Jackson, S. E. 2011. Coworker trust and knowledge creation: A multilevel analysis. Journal of Trust Research. 1: 65-83.
      * The seventh most cited/read paper (as of July 2013)
    • Lovelace, K. J., Chung, Y. 2010. A set of integrated exercises for increasing student awareness of issues facing female expatriates. Journal of Management Education, 34: 746-774.
    • Jackson, S. E., & Chung, Y. 2008. The people make the place complicated. In D. B. Smith (ed.), The People Make the Place: Dynamic Linkages between Individuals and Organizations, pp. 37-62. (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum).
    • Lepak, D., Liao, H., Chung, Y., & Harden, E. 2006. A conceptual review of human resource management systems in strategic HRM research (vol. Vol 25, pp. 217-272). Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management, Elsevier Science.
    • Chung, Y., Shaw, J. B., & Jackson, S. E. 2006. Faultline index for groups: A guide for SAS users, Version 1.0 (for categorical attributes). Rutgers University, USA. (A SAS code and a program instruction available at http://smlr.rutgers.edu/about-smlr/research-publications-susan-e-jackson).

  • Awards and Honors
    • Seed Grant, University of Idaho, 2012-2013, Title: The role of financial literacy and social networks in retirement investment decisions (Chung, Y., & Park, Y.).
    • The 2011 Academy of Management Best Papers Proceeding, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division, Academy of Management, 2011, Title: A cross-level analysis of demographic faultlines and diversity climate on job dedication (Chung, Y., Liao, H., Subramony, M. A., Jackson, S. E., Colakoglu, S., & Jiang, Y. A.).
    • Showcase Symposium at the 2007 Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Organizational Behavior Division /Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division/Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management, 2007, Title: Faultlines and between-subgroup relations in teams: new perspective on team diversity (Chung, Y. & Lau, D. C.).