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Michael McCollough
Associate Professor of Marketing

Ph.D. 1995 Texas A&M University
Areas of Expertise: services and service failure recovery, retail, service guarantees, and customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction.
Office: ALB318 | Phone: (208) 885-7151 | Email: mccollou@uidaho.edu

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Anubha Mishra
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: ALB 331 | Phone: (208) 885-6090 | Email: amishra@uidaho.edu

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Cole Mize
Director of PGA Golf Management Program

Office: ALB 332 | Phone: (208) 885-9772 | Email: colem@uidaho.edu

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Kathy O'Malley
Professor of Marketing

Ph.D. 1981 University of Washington
Areas of Expertise: consumer behavior, product attribute perceptions and brand attitudes and experimental research design.
Office: ALB120 | Phone: (208)885-6819 | Email: komalley@uidaho.edu

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Sanjay Sisodiya
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Ph.D., Washington State University
Areas of Expertise: New Product Development, Innovation , Business-to-Business Research, Marketing Strategy.
Office: ALB304 |Phone: (208) 885-0267 |Email: sisodiya@uidaho.edu

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Steve Shook
Professor of Marketing, Affiliate Professor of Forest Products

Ph.D. 1997 University of Washington
Areas of Expertise: diffusion and adoption of products, services, and processes; pricing strategy; forest products industry.
Office: ALB 303 | Phone: (208) 885-6802 | Email: shook@uidaho.edu

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