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Investing in the Next Level of Performance: Sponsoring an Employee's Idaho Executive MBA

Why an Executive MBA?

The University of Idaho Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is an MBA degree program designed specifically for working managers and professionals on an executive career track. The class schedule is designed to allow participants to earn their MBA degree in just 22 months without interrupting their careers. The program combines the rigor and depth of a traditional MBA with an integrated curriculum and the flexible format of an executive program.  Despite the intensity of study, the structure of the EMBA program allows students to maintain their professional responsibilities.

Benefits of Sponsoring an Employee

The Idaho Executive MBA Program provides a fast-track to improved job and organization performance. EMBA participants work full-time while earning their degree, enabling them to apply their new knowledge and skills to multifaceted organizational issues.

Supporting participation in the Idaho Executive MBA Program helps attract and retain high-potential employees as well as prepare them for future leadership. This investment yields new ideas and best practices, heightened efficiencies, stronger teams, and integration into the company of cutting-edge processes and knowledge.

Idaho Executive MBA participants and their employers also benefit from the exposure to the diverse business practices from the companies represented in the program. EMBA participants are talented and experienced business leaders who are ready to engage fully in a comprehensive range of business topics.

The Return of Investment (ROI) for sponsoring companies is high. Companies often notice a significant advancement in skill mastery within the first months of the EMBA program, and they continue to feel the tangible positive impact as the program develops.  The extensive network built through the cohort model will continue to grow, enabling companies to engage successfully in the global community.

"The fact that my organization was willing to make such a sizeable investment in my education made me think differently about what I’m giving back.” –Kelly Leary, Divisional Vice President, Sourcing Operations, Coldwater Creek Inc.

Choosing an Ideal Candidate to Sponsor

The ideal candidate to sponsor is highly-motivated and intelligent, an employee who has continually demonstrated focus, perseverance, and potential for senior-level leadership. This could be an opportunity to reward or retain your most valued employees. If your company has a career development plan in place, the Idaho Executive MBA could be the next step for an employee showing promise in leadership.         

Time Commitment

Regular EMBA classes meet once a month (Thursday—Saturday) in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Campus Week is held on the University of Idaho’s Moscow campus for five days at the beginning of the first year and for three days between the first and second years.  Time management, as well as company and family support, is essential for the participant to have a successful and fulfilling experience.  Sponsoring companies give their employees the flexibility and support necessary to focus on coursework when in the classroom. 


The cost of the program is $37,000 and includes registration, books, materials, meals, and, for commuting participants, a percentage of lodging.  If a company chooses to sponsor all or a portion of the program fees, University of Idaho Student Accounts will bill the sponsoring company directly for that portion. Participants can apply for a Federal Stafford Direct Load and Graduate PLUS loan by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Student loans are dispersed into student accounts each semester.

How to Commit to Sponsorship for an Employee

A Full or Partial Sponsorship indicates a long-term commitment from the sponsoring company toward the employee.  At a minimum, organizations provide release time for participants to attend class sessions. Financial support varies by organization and ranges from fully sponsored (100%) to partially sponsored (10-80%). All applicants are required, in addition to the completed and signed Sponsor Endorsement Form, to submit a letter written by their sponsoring official pledging support. A sponsoring official is often an executive or manager who will commit to supporting participation in the Idaho Executive MBA Program.