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Economics, B.S.

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College of Business and Economics
University of Idaho
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Moscow, Idaho 83844-3161
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Using Resources Responsibly, Globally

Economics reaches across all areas of business. Through our nationally recognized Integrated Business Curriculum, students gain valuable practical experience and a broad knowledge in economics as well as management, operations, finance and other business functions. In the Economics program, learn how consumer decisions about the use of resources, such as time and money, affect global business. Explore different types of economic systems and study economic drivers. 

Fast Facts

  • Students learn business the way business is actually done in the real world through hands-on experiences.
  • Many opportunities to be participate in experiential learning program.
  • Collaborate with other students, receive personal mentorship from top business faculty and network with practicing professionals.
  • College of Business and Economics is AACSB Accredited.
  • Credit analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Industrial market analyst
  • Loan officer
  • Market analyst
  • Bond trader
  • Economic analyst
  • General manager
  • Insurance agent
  • Purchasing analyst
  • Budget analyst
  • Environmental planner
  • Import/export agent
  • Investment broker
  • Management consultant
  • Politician
  • Government official
  • Real estate appraiser


Potential salaries are based
upon national averages.
Job Placement With a background in business economics, your career options are unlimited. Graduates are prepared to pursue opportunities in business, government, public administration, law, education, journalism, foreign service, consulting and politics. Many of our nation’s top executives and politicians hold degrees in economics. The degree is also excellent preparation for law school or graduate school in many disciplines.
Degree Roadmap A B.S. Business in Economics has two options, this degree offers you an even more enhanced and customizable experience in the following areas:
Scholarships The College of Business and Economics has many scholarship opportunities for their students.  Learn more about the scholarship opportunities.  
Get Involved
Get Involved
Hands-On Learning Students will have hands-on experiential learning opportunities to ensure your readiness for the real business world. These interactive programs give you practical experience and business know-how that will set you apart. Our signature programs include:
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Internships Nearly half of CBE students gain relevant experience by completing an internship.  Find out more about CBE internship opportunities.