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Amber Gray

BAP Officers with Fall Advisor 2011

Student Organizations

Beta Alpha Psi

A national scholastic and professional accounting organization. Those who join BAP must be majoring in accounting, information systems, and finance, be in or have completed their first upper-division course in their major, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and meet minimum attendance requirements. Meetings include guest speakers from local, regional and national CPA firms. Beta Alpha Psi and the Student Accounting Organization engage in networking, community service, professional development, outreach and engagement. Faculty Advisor: Jane Weiss
Visit the University of Idaho Iota Gamma Chapter  for more information and upcoming events.

Volunteer Income Taxation Assistance (VITA) program

VITA is a national program in which students prepare tax returns for low-income people. The students become certified through the IRS prior to the start of the spring semester. Sessions are held in conjunction with UI Law students at the UI Law School Clinic as well as a Native American center in northern Idaho.

Accounting Professional Development

Opportunity for the students to prepare to be an accounting professional and for a career in accounting. They learn how to draft a professional resume and cover letter, improve interview skills, and improve oral and written communication skills by engaging in classroom debates and discussion on case studies centered on personal and professional business ethics. Students have opportunities to network and interact with classmates in campus activities as well as with business and accounting professionals.

Practicum in Tutoring

Master of Accountancy (MACCT) students gain practical tutoring experience.  Collaborate with other graduate students in assisting undergraduates in principals of financial, managerial, and intermediate accounting courses.  MACCT students who have participated in this opportunity value their enhanced teaching skills, learning skills, and improvement in oral communication.

Barker Review Group

MACCT students serve as the officials and account review team for the Barker Trading Competition. They review each of the accounts to verify compliance with the trading rules, monitor and report results, and track performance data for each account.

CPA Exam Review

MACCT students study for the Certified Public Accounting Exam.  Weekly progress reports assist in maintaining study goals.  Students are required to purchase a CPA Exam review course, and register for one section of the CPA Exam.

UI Internal Controls Review

MACCT students work with the UI controller’s office to review the internal controls over the cash receipting process of university decentralized units. They gain an understanding and document the understanding of the internal controls, make recommendations for improved controls, and in the future, will train UI employees.

Financial Capability Simulations at Idaho Correction Facilities

Students and other volunteers help direct a face-to-face simulation called “That’s Life” by playing the vendor part of the live simulation and selling day to day goods and services to participants to teach financial literacy. The participants are inmates from a local correctional facility and high school students with disabilities. 

The MACCT learning goals relevant to these courses include:

  1. Professional Accounting Knowledge,
  2. Critical Thinking Skills,
  3. Communication Skills (oral and written skills),
  4. Clarify Purpose and Perspective,
  5. Teamwork and Leadership.
Student learning is assessed annually as part of the UI MACCT Program Assessment Plan. The assessment activities include specific questions relating to hands-on learning activities on graduating student surveys, oral presentations to the Accounting Advisory Board by students participating in these courses/activities, and MACCT Comprehensive Paper/Portfolio.  The students have not only enjoyed participating in the hands-on learning courses, they have enhanced their professional skills and positively affected other students and community members.