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Amber Gray

Learning Goals

Learning for graduate accounting students in the Master of Accountancy program will be advanced in a program that builds on a student’s undergraduate preparation to enhance their education to become a successful accounting professional.

The Master of Accountancy (MACCT) Learning Goals map to the College of Business and Economics learning goals and to the University of Idaho’s learning goals:

MACCT #1. Professional Accounting Knowledge - The MACCT students will acquire advanced accounting knowledge to prepare them for the accounting profession or further graduate work.

MACCT #2a Critical Thinking and Ethical Problem Solving - MACCT students will demonstrate critical thinking skills necessary for identifying and addressing complex situations in accounting-related areas including ethical dilemmas.

MACCT #2b Research Skills - MACCT students will be able to locate appropriate information, apply the rules or standards to a set of facts, and make an appropriate recommendation regarding a course of action.

MACCT #3. Communication – MACCT students will enhance their ability to effectively communicate through oral presentations and professional writing assignments. 

MACCT #4. Clarify Purpose and Perspective – MACCT students will have opportunities for experiential learning, relationship development and appreciation of global perspectives. 

MACCT #5. Teamwork and Collaboration – MACCT students will have opportunities to enhance their ability to interact in teams.