Advising Contacts

Advising Suite

CBE Advising Suite
Albertson Building, Room 306
Phone: (208) 885-7141
Toll Free Phone: (800) 960-3033

Karen Gillespie

Academic Advisor
(208) 885-6853
Albertson Building, Room 306A

Debbie Moos

Academic Advisor
(208) 885-5036
Albertson Building, Room 306B

Academic Standing

Probation Status

Audio Transcript
When a student’s Total Institution GPA falls below a 2.00 GPA a
the student is placed on Academic Probation. Probation is a serious matter and if not corrected in the subsequent semester could lead to academic disqualification.

Academic Status - Probation

Students on probation have a “probation hold” placed on their Vandal Web account and will be unable to register or change registration status (i.e., adding/dropping classes, etc.) until the hold has been removed. 

The process to have the hold removed is to complete the Probation Academic Plan form and the Self-Assessment Survey.  These two documents must be completed before making an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.   

NOTE:  Freshmen students who went on academic probation after fall semester qualify to attend the Student Options Advising Retreat (SOAR) offered in January.  For details and registration information refer to  SOAR.  You will benefit from this event and we strongly encourage you to attend.

Academic Status - First Disqualification

The process to be considered for academic reinstatement is to complete the Disqualification Academic Plan form and the Self-Assessment Survey.  These documents must be completed before making an appointment.

Academic Status - Second or Third Disqualification

Generally, it is difficult to get reinstated immediately following a multiple disqualification situation. The University encourages students in multiple disqualification situations to take time away from school to seriously evaluate their educational objectives.

To petition for academic reinstatement from a second or third academic disqualification, follow the same process as for a first academic disqualification (see above). However, reinstatement for a third academic disqualification must be approved by the University of Idaho’s Academic Petition Committee.