Assistant Professor Sanjay Sisodiya

Integrated Business Curriculum

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The University of Idaho College of Business and Economics boasts award-winning Integrated Business Curriculum (IBC).  This distinctive program revolutionizes the traditional model of teaching business by emphasizing a more collaborative approach that represents the way real companies conduct business.  

Solve Real Business Problems:

From your first day in the CBE, you will be part of an integrated team of students from all business majors. You and your “coworkers” will blend your various areas of expertise, as you would in a real business setting, to address issues facing top companies, such as Boeing, Micron, Starbucks, Columbia Sportswear, Coldwater Creek and more.

Reap the Benefits:

Your experience in the IBC will strengthen your teamwork and decision-making skills, and give you cross-functional knowledge in business systems, product and process planning, and managing resources and business operating decisions. You will gain practical knowledge and experience, which will better prepare you for the business world.