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Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences

Contact Information:

Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2339
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2339

Phone: (208) 885-6274

Email: pses@uidaho.edu
Greenhouse workers

What You Can Do

With this degree, you may become one of the following:

  • Plant propagation specialist: Produce new plants with grafting, budding, cutting, and tissue culture.
  • Plant breeding support scientist: Participate in the development of new crop cultivars and the incorporation and testing of new genes that are resistant to disease, insects and herbicides.
  • Research technician: Make discoveries in a laboratory or greenhouse that contribute to innovations in plant genetics and plant development.
  • Laboratory technician: Work in public and private plant disease diagnostic laboratories using molecular techniques to solve problems in the field.
  • Field representative: Work for a company that sells machinery, fertilizers, and pest management supplies to golf courses, greenhouses, and nurseries. Recommend products and explain their use.


Almost all of our graduates receive job offers upon graduation with starting salaries of up to $45,000. They work in business, for government and for nonprofit organizations.

You may also want to continue your education. Earn an advanced degree in plant science, agronomy, horticulture, plant molecular biology, plant genetics, plant breeding or plant pathology.