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Robert Heinse

Robert Heinse

Office: Agricultural Sciences Building
Room 113

Phone: (208) 885-5208
Email: rheinse@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
Assistant Professor

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Soil Physics
  • Selected Publications
    • Nearing, G.S., Tuller, M., Jones, S.B., Heinse, R. and M.S. Meding. 2013. Electromagnetic induction for mapping textural contrasts of mine tailing deposits. Journal of Applied Geophysics 89 (11-20).
    • Jones, S.B., D. Or, R. Heinse and M. Tuller. 2012. Beyond Earth: Designing Root Zone Environ-ments for Reduced Gravity Conditions. Vadose Zone J. 11(1)
    • Jones, S.B., B. Bugbee, R. Heinse, D. Or and G.E. Bingham. 2011. Porous Plant Growth Media
    • Design Considerations for Lunar and Martian Habitats. SAE International Journal of Aerospace 4 (1), 55-62.
    • Robinson, D.A., S.B. Jones, J.M.Jr. Blonquist, R. Heinse, I. Lebron, and T.E. Doyle (2009). The Dielectric Response of the Tropical Hawaiian Mars Soil Simulant JSC Mars-1. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 73:3.
    • Heinse, R., S.B. Jones, M. Tuller, G.E. Bingham, I. Podolskiy and D. Or (2009). Providing Opti-mal Root-Zone Fluid Fluxes: Eects of Hysteresis on Capillary-Dominated Water Distributions in Reduced Gravity. SAE Technical Paper no. 2009-01-2360.
    • Jones, S.B., R. Heinse, B. Bugbee, D. Or and G.E. Bingham (2009). Porous Plant Growth Media Design Considerations for Lunar and Martian Habitats. SAE Technical Paper no. 2009-01-2361.
    • Heinse, R., S.B. Jones, S.L. Steinberg, M. Tuller and D. Or (2007). Measurements and Modeling of Variable Gravity Eects on Water Distribution and Flow in Unsaturated Porous Media. Vadose Zone J 6:713-724.
    • Heinse, R., G. Kluitenberg, K.S. Lewis, R.S. Austin, P.J. Shouse, G.B. Bingham, and S.B. Jones (2006). Integration of Heat Capacity and Electrical Conductivity Sensors for Root Module Water and Nutrient Assessment. SAE Technical Paper no. 2006-01-2211.
    • Heinse, R., S.D. Humphries, R.W. Mace, S.B. Jones, S.L. Steinberg, M. Tuller, R. Newman and D. Or. (2005). Measurement of Porous Media Water Retention during Parabolic Flight Induced Microgravity. SAE Technical Paper no. 2005-01-2950.
    • Jones, S.B., R. Heinse, G.B. Bingham and D. Or (2005). Modeling and Design of Optimal Growth Media from Plant-Based Gas and Liquid Fluxes, SAE Technical Paper 2005-01-2949.
  • Research Projects
    • Fluid distribution and transport in soil at multiple scales
    • Near-surface geophysical methods for imaging processes related to hydrological problems, issues of environmental change, and characterization of soils