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Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences

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Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
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Matthew Morra

Matthew Morra

Office: Agricultural Science Building
Room 110

Phone: (208) 885-6315
Email: mmorra@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Soil Biochemistry
  • Selected Publications
    • Dubie, J., A. Stancik, M Morra, and C. Nindo. 2013. Antioxidant extraction from mustard (Brassica juncea) seed meal using high-intensity ultrasound J. Food Sci. (in press).
    • Hansson, D., M.J. Morra, V. Borek, and S.D. Eigenbrode. 2013. Green peach aphid [Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae)] control using Brassicaceae ethyl-ester oil sprays. J. Appl. Entomol. (in press).
    • Hendrix, K.M., M.J. Morra, H.-B. Lee, S.C. Min. 2012. Defatted mustard seed meal-based biopolymer film development. Food Hydrocolloids 26:118-125.
    • Meyer, S.L.F., I.A. Zasada, S.B. Orisajo, M.J. Morra. 2011. Mustard seed meal mixtures: phytotoxicity to lettuce and pepper and management of Meloidogyne incognita on pepper. J. Nematology 43:7-15.
    • Boydston, R.A., M.J. Morra, V. Borek, L. Clayton, and S.F. Vaughn. 2011. Onion and weed response to mustard (Sinapis alba) seed meal. Weed Sci. 59:546-552.
    • Snyder, A.J., J.L. Johnson-Maynard, and M.J. Morra. 2010. Nitrogen mineralization in soil incubated with 15N-labeled Brassicaceae seed meals. Appl. Soil Ecol. 46:73-80.
    • Oram, L., D. Strawn, M. Morra, G. Moller. 2010. Selenium biogeochemical cycling and fluxes in the hyporheic zone of a mining-impacted stream. Env. Sci Technol. 44:4176–4183.
    • Morra, M.J. and V. Borek. 2010. Glucosinolate preservation in stored Brassicaceae seed meals. J. Stored Prod. Res. 46:98-102.
    • Zasada, I.A., S.L.F. Meyer, and M.J. Morra. 2009. Brassicaceous seed meals as soil amendments to suppress the plant-parasitic nematodes Pratylenchus penetrans and Meloidogyne incognita. J. Nematol. 41:221-227.
    • Brown, P.B. and M.J. Morra. 2009. Brassicaceae tissues as inhibitors of nitrification in soil. J. Agric. Food Chem. 57:7706–7711.
  • Research Projects
    • Degradation and transformation processes in soils, especially nutrient cycling and fate of agricultural chemicals
    • Sulfur cycling and plant derived allelochemicals
    • Environmental quality--especially pollution problems involving soil and water, soil and air interactions, sources, effects, and amelioration of synthetic organic waste contamination
  • Awards and Honors
    • Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, 2008
    • University of Idaho Environmental Science Program Outstanding Faculty Award, 2008
    • Alumni Award for Excellence, University of Idaho Alumni Association, 2002
    • Department of Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, 2002
    • University of Idaho Research Excellence Award, 1999
    • Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Research Award, 1992
    • Nominated for NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, 1988