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Zonglie Hong

Zonglie Hong

Office: Ag Biotech Building
Room 207

Phone: (208) 885-5464
Email: zhong@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences
Associate Professor

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Biochemistry
  • Selected Publications
    • Wang X, Gingrich DK, Deng Y, Hong Z (2012) NSN1, a nucleostemin-like GTPase required for apical and floral meristem development in Arabidopsis. Mol Bio Cell 23: 1446-1456.
    • Wang X, Xie B, Hong Z (2012) Nucleostemin-like 1 is required for embryogenesis and leaf development in Arabidopsis. Plant Mol Biol 78: 31-44.
    • Chen T, Zhu H, Ke D, Cai K, Wang T, Gou H, Hong Z, Zhang Z. (2012) A MAP kinase kinase interacts with SymRK and regulates nodule organogenesis in Lotus japonicus. Plant Cell 24: 823-838.
    • Ke D, Fang Q, Chen C, Zhu H, Chen T, Chang X, Yua Sa, Ma L, Hong Z, Zhang Z (2012) Small GTPase ROP6 interacts with NFR5 and is involved in nodule formation in Lotus japonicus. Plant Physiol 159: 131-143.
    • Yuan S, Zhu H, Gou H, Fu W, Liu L, Chen T, Ke D, Kang H, Xie Q, Hong Z, Zhang Z (2012) A ubiquitin ligase of symbiosis receptor kinase involved in nodule organogenesis. Plant Physiol 160: 106-117
    • Xie B, Hong Z (2011) Unplugging the callose plug from sieve pores. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 6:491-493.
    • Xie B, Wang X, Zhu M, Zhang Z, Hong Z (2011a) CalS7 encodes a callose synthase responsible for callose deposition in the phloem. Plant J 65:1–14.
    • Xie B, Deng Y, Kanaoka M, Okada K, Hong Z (2011b) Expression of Arabidopsis callose synthase 5 (CalS5) in tobacco BY-2 cells: subcellular localization and effect on cell wall permeability. Plant Sci 183: 1-8.
    • Kang H, Zhu H, Chu X, Yang Z, Yuan S, Yu D, Wang C, Hong Z, Zhang Z (2011) A novel interaction between CCaMK and a protein containing the Scythe_N ubiquitin-like domain in Lotus japonicus. Plant Physiol 155: 1312-1324. PMID: 21209278
    • Guseman JM, Lee JS, Bogenschutz NL, Peterson KM, Virata RE, Xie B, Kanaoka MM, Hong Z, Torii KU (2010) Dysregulation of cell-to-cell connectivity and stomatal patterning by loss-of-function mutation in Arabidopsis CHORUS (GLUCAN SYNTHASE-LIKE 8). Development 137: 1731-1741
    • Xie B, Wang X, Hong Z (2010) Precocious pollen germination in Arabidopsis lines with altered callose deposition during microsporogenesis. Planta 231: 809-823
  • Research Projects
    • Genetic and biochemical analysis of callose biosynthesis in plants
    • Molecular cloning and cell biology characterization of a novel gene underlying grain length in rice
    • Deciphering the signaling events in the early stages of nodule development in legumes
    • Biochemical analysis of barley mutants defective in the accumulation of mixed-linkage beta-glucan