Learn to improve plants for food, fuel, fiber and landscapes through modern molecular technology. Earn a degree in plant biotechnology at the University of Idaho.

B.S. Sustainable Crop & Landscape Systems: Plant Biotechnology

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Improving Plant Growth and Development

Biotechnology involves a wide range of molecular and biochemical techniques to study and improve plant growth and development. In this field, you might work to increase a crop’s resistance to disease or a pest. Explore food production, fuel, fiber and landscapes and spend time in on-campus greenhouses and laboratories, where you could apply molecular biology techniques to investigate how plants defend themselves or produce critical secondary metabolites.

Fast Facts

  • Complete your own independent study
  • Access plant science farms and computer-controlled greenhouses
  • Learn advanced laboratory skills involving physiology, genetics, and immunology
  • Work in on-campus laboratories and learn cutting-edge molecular techniques
  • Intern with companies that regenerate potatoes or landscape plants from cells or tissues
  • Plant Propagation Specialist
  • Plant Breeding Support Scientist
  • Research Technician
  • Laboratory Technician


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Degree Roadmap
Degree Prep To prepare for courses required to earn this degree, we recommend you:
  • take biology and science courses
  • plant a garden
  • visit greenhouses
  • work on a farm
Lab Fees


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Get Involved
Get Involved
Hands-on Learning
  • Plant science farm and laboratories
  • Computer-controlled greenhouses
  • Plant Tissues Culture course
  • Study abroad in Taiwan, Mexico, or India
  • Research in breeding, biopesticides, enhanced disease resistance
  • Microplant Nurseries, Inc.
  • Twyford Plant Laboratories
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service