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Tiffany Thornton - Former Posts

Spring 2009:
This is the beginning of my second term here as a transfer student to the University of Idaho. I have found the transition to be easy with the help of all the staff and advisors who have helped me find my way. They have all been very supporting in helping me to overcome my fears and succeed in all aspects of my new environment. The beginning of this semester started off with me being uncertain how my classes were going to go and what to expect. However my fears were soon relieved after meeting my teachers and getting to know how willing they are to help all their students to reach success. I am taking a lot of Ed classes this semester and I am enjoying all of them. I feel that the beginning of this semester has gone thus far very well and cannot wait to see what the rest of my time here has in store for me."

"Thus far my experience this year has been a really enjoyable one. I felt that as an individual I have really grown a lot and hope that the following year will allow me even more growth. I came her uncertain about if I was really going to like being so far away from home but have found that I can survive without them. There are times when I wish that I was closer to them but this has shown me that I can make it on my own. I have met a lot of really dedicated teachers and have met many individuals who are nice. I only have another year and half here but I know that when I finally get to graduate as a Vandal it is going to be both a happy and sad day. Happy because I will have finally accomplished one of my dreams but sad because I will be leaving a place that I really care for."

Fall 2008 Post:
"So far my experience at the University of Idaho has been eye opening. I been working really hard this term to get good grades and thus far have A’s in all of my classes except for history which I do not know the grade. I have joined the group PAAEYC-SA and become the AG-SAC representative for the group. I must admit that this has added some extra responsibility on my part, but I feel that it is worth it. I have been using the gym regularly and enjoying the facilities provided to me the student. I have gone to the career expo which although not really for my major allowed me to get some useful information for my brother. I have gone to the back-to-school picnic and enjoyed good food and company. This was very helpful because I am extremely shy and getting to meet other people in my department is always helpful in building connections. I also really liked attending the mock interview which helped me figure out where my strengths are at and where I need to improve. Overall so far my experience has been a good one and I am enjoying my time here."
"I can personally say that my experience here has been great so far. The teachers are very nice and often times will work with you if you have a problem. This I find very nice because it allows me the chance to get to know my teachers and they get to know me. I often times felt at my community college I was just another name on the roster and they never really got to know me. Here the teachers even say “hi” to me when they see me around campus. This is really great because as humans we all want to be acknowledged and know that people care. Another thing that I like about the U of I is the chance to join clubs that make a difference and includes people that want to make a difference. I joined PAAYAS-CA and have enjoyed all of the meetings we have had thus far because they are very informative and allow me to make connections with others who care about children and whom may also be in my major."