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Jessica Reynolds

Jessica spotlight I am a sophomore with a major in Animal Science—Production Option, with a minor in Agribusiness. My favorite quote live, laugh, love.

Serving as an AgSAC Officer is important to me because it allows me to work with students and faculty in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. As AgSAC officers, we try to provide out-of-class opportunities for students to grow and develop throughout their college career. These experiences in different clubs and at different events help develop great students into great leaders as well. Being a part of this team has been extremely rewarding and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

I love being a part of AgSAC because I get to work with many different students and clubs throughout the College of Ag.

I was born and raised a Vandals fan, so the University of Idaho was always one of my top five schools. However, after I came up and visited the campus for Vandal Friday, I knew this was the place for me. The campus environment is always friendly and the faculty and staff in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences have always been easy and fun to work with.

My favorite experience as an AgSAC member has been getting to know all the different students in the College of Ag. I have met many new people this year and made many new friends through different activities; such as the corn maze and also by attending the Agriculture Future of America Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

The funniest experience as an AgSAC member was when we went on our AgSAC retreat and we had almost completed one of our challenges, but Juan accidently lost his balance. We had to start over again completely, but it was still a great experience and we had a lot of laughs after it was all over.

The best part about the animal science department is that every time you walk to the second floor of the Agricultural Science Building, they are always friendly, smiling, and ask how you have been. I love having this open environment and it has had a huge impact on my experience in the College of Ag.

My favorite place on campus is the Idaho Commons. Whether I'm quietly doing homework, meeting with friends, or eating lunch before my next class, there is always a great spot at the commons.

My best memory from college is participating in the Relay for Life with my hall last spring. This event has a lot of meaning for my family and I, so participating in this event with my friends was a great experience and another reason that I'm proud to be a vandal.

I can't narrow down my favorite professor to one individual, but there are definitely two, and they are both in the Animal Science Department. The first one is Dr. Mathew Doumit; he is always willing to go out of his way to help students and makes class enjoyable while also being very educational. The second professor is Dr. Amin Ahmadzadeh. Amin's upbeat personality and energy will always keep you awake and attentive during class, even at 7:30 in the morning. He is always excited to be there, which makes his classes more interesting as a student.

The best part about being a vandal is being able to spend time with friends and going to all the games.

Every summer I go home to work on the family farm in Southern Idaho. We farm over 1,500 of a variety of seed and row crops, we have pigs, steers, and my dad bought a dairy. There is never a dull moment when I’m on a school break.

One word that describes me is accepting. I love meeting new people and making new friends no matter what our differences may be. 

In my free time I love working in the wood shop. My grandpa and I built a hope chest, bookcase, night stand, and desk for 4 different 4-H projects that I entered at the fair. As a result, my bedroom at home is crammed full of the things that we made. My grandpa taught me everything that I know about woodworking and because of his love and the time he spent helping me, it is one of my favorite hobbies.