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Benjamin Enger

Ben Spotlight 187 I am a senior with a major in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Pre Vet-Option.

The reasons why serving in AgSAC is important to me would be that I gain and improve my leadership skills, I am active and I know what is happening in the college.

Ag SAC is a way to break up the routineness of college and allow me to do something different and challenging.

I like being part of AgSAC because it has provided me with many opportunities and experiences that I would not get any place else.  I like being involved in what the college is doing and Ag SAC helps me be involved.  I being able to network with other outside of the university and be able to travel and AgSAC provide these options.

The factors that influenced my decision to attend UI and select a major in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences would be that I have always had an interest in working with animals and cost of education was a consideration when attending college.  I had visited the campus many times before applying and I enjoyed the atmosphere and the professors that I talked with which made attending the U of I an easy choice.  I am very pleased with my choice, the quality of education here is excellent and the professors are amazing to work with and learn from.

My favorite experience as an AgSAC member would be at our officer retreat where we first had our real meeting and had team building exercises and really got to know everyone.

There have been many fun times during the course of the school year I wouldn’t be able to pull out an individual one but every time we get together we have a good time.

My favorite department is hard, because the professors are what make my major and department great.
My favorite place on campus would be the arboretum there is always beautiful wildlife and scenery to look at.

My best memory from college thus far would be hanging out with friends and having a good time in the residence halls would probably be my favorite time.

I would have to say that Matt Doumit would be my favorite professor.  He is always willing to answer any questions you may have and is a great advisor.

The best part of being a vandal is getting to have Vandal Sausage.

The most exciting summer experience during your college career is I went to Glacier and it was amazing.

The one word that best describes me was Diligent.  I have been told that I always am getting things done that I am asked to do no matter what they are.

I would recommend being an Ag SAC officer to others because I would most definitely recommend being an Ag SAC officer to others for all of the irreplaceable experiences and opportunities that this provides you.