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Coeur d'Alene

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College of 
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Faculty, Staff and Emeritus

Sonya Meyer
Sonya Meyer, PhD

(208) 885-6546 |
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Katie Brown
Katie Brown, PhD, RD
Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise:
(208) 885-7664 |
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Erin Chapman
Erin Chapman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Areas of expertise: Sexuality Development, Sexuality Education, Healthy Intimate Relationships, Adolescent & Young Adult Development
(208) 885-6789 |
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Nancy Deringer
Nancy Deringer, PhD
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Family Resource Management, Work-Life Issues, Housing, Retail and Commercial Property Management
(208) 885-7264 |
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Sandy Evenson
Sandy Evenson, PhD
Areas of expertise: Cultural and Social Aspects of Dress, Soft Goods Industry, Textile Trade
(208) 885-7798 |
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Erika Iiams
Erika Iiams, MA
Areas of expertise: Pattern Making, Draping, Construction Techniques
(208) 885-8978 |
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Sara Matthews
Sara Matthews, MS
Area of expertise: Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Feeding Young Children in Group Settings
(208) 292-2533 |
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Katie Miner
Katie Miner, MS, RD, LD
Senior Instructor
Areas of expertise: Foodservice Management, Professional Skills in Dietetics, Vegetarian Nutrition
(208) 885-7747 |
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Suzanne Planck
Suzanne Planck, PhD
Senior Instructor
Areas of expertise: Child Development
(208) 885-6357 |
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Beth Price
Beth Price, PhD
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Child development, early childhood education, quality child care, feeding young children in group settings
(208) 885-5778 |
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Martha Raidl
Martha Raidl, PhD, RD
Extension Nutrition Education Specialist, Professor
Areas of expertise: Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Diet and Disease
(208) 364-4056 |
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Samantha Ramsay
Samantha Ramsay, PhD, RD, LD
Assistant Professor & Director Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Areas of expertise: Child Nutrition, Feeding Young Children, Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition and Wellness
(208) 885-6026 |
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SeAnne Safaii
SeAnne Safaii, PhD, RD, LD
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Clinical Dietetics, Health Professions Program Education and Training
(208) 292-2511 |
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Cindy Schmiege
Cindy Schmiege, PhD
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Human Development/Family Relations, Interpersonal Relationships, Work and Family
(208) 885-2538 |
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Harriet Shaklee
Harriet Shaklee, PhD
Extension Family Development Specialist, Professor
Areas of expertise: Balancing Work and Family, Family Transitions, Parent Education
(208) 364-4016 |
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Ling-Ling Tsao
Ling-Ling Tsao, PhD
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Infant and Child Development Early Intervention Programs
(208) 885-7321 |
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Lori Wahl
Lori Wahl
Areas of expertise: Apparel Development, Career and Portfolio Preparation, Industry Field Experience
(208) 885-6302 |
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Kari Zagelow
Kari Zagelow
Management Assistant
Niccolls 105
(208) 885-6546 |
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Rebecca Nelson
Rebecca Nelson
Academic Advisor
Niccolls 103A
(208) 885-8700 |
Kristin Hansen
Kristin Hansen, MS
State Program Coordinator

(208) 885-6872 |
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Marilyn Bischoff
Marilyn Bischoff, MS
Professor emeritus
Laurel Branen
Laurel J. Branen, PhD, RD, LD
Professor emeritus
Janice Fletcher
Janice W. Fletcher, EdD
Professor emeritus
Sandy McCurdy
Sandy McCurdy, PhD
Professor emeritus