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Lide Chen, Ph.D.

Office: B61 CSI Evergreen Building, Twin Falls
Phone: 208-736-3615

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)
Assistant Professor, Extension Waste Management Engineer

Campus Locations: Twin Falls Research and Extension Center
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
With UI Since 2010

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Anaerobic digestion for recovering biogas from animal manure and organic wastes
    • Advanced technologies to treat animal manure for nutrient management, odor control, and bioenergy
    • Gas/odor/PM emissions monitoring from livestock facilities
    • Data acquisition and control system development
    • Development, improvement, and application of various waste treatment techniques
    • Extension education
  • Biography

    Dr. Lide Chen was born and raised in Xiangfan, Hubei, China. He won an admission to the China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing where he earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical and Agricultural Engineering, respectively. After graduation, he joined CAU as a faculty member and worked with the university for over ten years. In 2003, he had the opportunity to work as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Minnesota. In 2004, he enrolled in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University (ISU), where he received his Ph.D. At ISU, his research focused on mitigating odors and gases from confined animal sites using biofilters. After graduating from ISU, Lide moved to Purdue University, worked as a Post Doc. on a national air emissions monitoring study (NAEMS). In June 2010, Lide joined the faculty of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Idaho.

  • Selected Publications
    • Chen, L.; S. J. Hoff. 2009. Mitigating Odors from Agricultural Facilities: A Review of Literature Concerning Biofilters. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(5): 751-766.
    • Steven J. Hoff, Jay D. Harmon, Lide Chen, Kevin A. Janni, David R. Schmidt, Richard E. Nicolai, Larry D. Jacobson. Practical Partial Biofiltration of Swine Exhaust Ventilation Air. WWW.extension.org. October 29, 2009.
    • Chen, L.; S. J. Hoff.; J. Koziel.; L. Cai. 2009. Evaluation of Wood Chip-Based Biofilters to Reduce Odor, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Ammonia from Swine Barn Ventilation Air. J. of the Air & Waste Management Association. 55: 520-530.
    • Hoff, S. J; J. D. Harmon; L. Chen; K. A. Janni; D. R. Schmidt; R. E. Nicolai; L. D. Jacobson. 2008. Partial Biofiltration of Hybrid Ventilated Deep-Pit Swine Finisher. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(2): 269-280.
    • Chen, L.; S. J. Hoff.; J. Koziel.; L. Cai.; B. Zelle; G. Sun. 2008. Performance Evaluation of a Wood Chip-Based Biofilter Using Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry-Olfactometry. Bioresource Technology. 99: 7767-7780.
  • Research Projects
    • Data Analysis for National Air Emissions Monitoring Study (NAEMS). NAEMS, sponsored by the Agricultural Air Research Council (AARC), was a multi-university project that conducted emission monitoring work at various livestock and poultry facilities across the States.  Duration: 4/1/2009-6/30/2010
    • Design and Operational Improvements, and Life Cycle Analysis in Anaerobic Digestion of Fermented Dairy Manure Using A 2-Stage Process. This project is a collaboration between the INL, and Boise State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho. The collaboration is aimed at addressing a problem relevant to Idaho, as well as the great US. This project looks at the life cycle emissions and costs associated with a novel 2-stage anaerobic digestion process, and explores opportunities for improving system economics and performance. Duration: 8/11/2010-