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Jae Hyeon Ryu, Ph.D., P.E.

Office: Idaho Water Center, Suite 242
Phone: 208-332-4402
Email: jryu@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Idaho Water Center
322 E Front Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Assistant Professor

Campus Locations: Idaho Water Center, Boise
With UI Since 2010

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Hydroclimatology, Human-Environment interaction, Conflict resolution modeling, Drought management/forecasting

      Research Homepage:

  • Biography
    Dr. Ryu's research area is diverse, encompassing the fields of hydrologic modeling and forecasting, water quality modeling, sustainable water resources planning and management, water conflict resolutions, and climate impact studies. Currently, his research is focusing on water resources planning and management in Idaho, including mitigation and adaptation strategies for climate change impacts, and he is working with state and federal personnel located in Boise.
    He received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington, and has worked at the National Drought Mitigation Center.
  • Selected Publications
    • Jae H. Ryu, Mark D. Svoboda, John D. Lenters, Tsegaye Tadesse, Cody Knutson, 2010. “Finding Potential Extents for ENSO-Driven Hydrologic Drought Forecasts in the United States”, Climatic Change, 101(3),575-597
    • Jae H. Ryu, 2009. “The application of HSPF to Distributed Model Intercomparison Project (DMIP): Case Study”, ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 14(8), 847-857
    • Jae H. Ryu, Richard N. Palmer, Sangman Jeong, Jooheon Lee, Young-Oh Kim, 2009. “Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Conflict Resolution Framework”, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 45(2), 485-499
    • Jae H. Ryu, Richard N. Palmer, Matthew W. Wiley, Sangman Jeong, 2009. “Mid-Range Streamflow Forecasts Based on Climate Modeling-Statistical Correction and Evaluation”, Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 45(2),355-368
  • Research Projects
    • Development of a Drought Decision Support Portal for the Republican River Basin of Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (SARP/NOAA), 5/1/07-4/30/10.
    • Developing a Predictive Capability Decision Support System for Drought Mitigation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (ROSES/NASA), 10/1/07-9/30/2010.
    • Development of a Pilot Drought Information System for National Drought Disaster, Korea National Emergency Management Agency, 8/1/08-5/31/11.

  • Outreach Projects
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Climate-Driven Water Budget Analysis in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer”, ESHMC Committee meeting, Idaho Water Center, November 22-23
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Western Water Resources Research in a Changing Climate”, Boise Weather Forecast Office, National Weather Service/NOAA, October 21
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Observatories for Ecohydraulics Research: Issues and Visions Within Environmental Science Community”, The 8th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2010, COEX, Seoul, Korea, September 12-16
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management: Participatory Collaborative Modeling and Efforts”, Korea Environment Institute, Seoul, Korea, September 10
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management: Hydroclimate Modeling and Decision Support Tools”, National Institute of Environmental Science, Incheon, Korea, September 10
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “National Disaster Prevention Under Uncertain Future Climate”, National Institute for Disaster Prevention, Seoul, Korea, June 8
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management Under Uncertain Future Climate and its Variability”, School of Earth and Environmental Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, June 1
        * Jae H. Ryu, Seon Ki Park, Kwangya Lee, 2010, “A Framework of hydroclimate modeling and decision support tools for sustainable water resources planning in a changing climate”, 2010 ASCE World Environmental and Water Resources Congress, May 16-20,Providence, Rhode Island
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Western Watershed Research: The Challenges of Change”, USDA-ARS Northwest Watershed Research Center, Boise, May 13
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Research Background and Experiences and Vision for Water Research in Idaho”, Departmental Advisory Board Meeting, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Moscow, April 29
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Challenges and issues in collaborative water research in a changing climate”, Department of Geosciences, Boise State University, Boise, April 12
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Challenges and issues in collaborative climate change research”, Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Climate Change Science, 2nd Annual Tri State Consortium Meeting, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, April 6-8
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2010. “Water Research Activities: Past, Current, Future, and Beyond”, Civil Engineering Research Seminar, Center for Ecohydraulic Research Group, Boise, January 29
        * Jae H. Ryu, Mauro Di Luzio, 2009, “Challenges and lessons learned from hydrologic simulations using HSPF and SWAT with NEXRAD rainfall inputs”, 2009 AWRA Annual Conference, November 9-12,Seattle, Washington
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2009. “Drought Early Warning Systems for the 21st in the United States”, National Emergency Management Agency, Seoul, November 11-13
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2009. “Sustainable Water Management for the 21st Century in a Changing Climate”, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, November 10
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2009. “Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management in a Changing Climate: Emerging Issues and Challenges in the State of Idaho”, Idaho Water Center, University of Idaho, Boise, September 3
        * Jae H. Ryu, 2009. “Sustainable Water Resources Management in a Changing Climate”, Rural Research Institute, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Ansan, Korea, November 4
        * Jae H. Ryu et al, 2009, “Application of SWAT to climate-driven low flow (drought) frequency analysis”, 2009 5th International SWAT Conference, August 3-7,Boulder, Colorado

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