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Soil Water Engineering Careers

Your understanding of the interrelationships between technology and living systems will give you a wide variety of employment options.

  • Waste management engineer (wood products) — Design a bioreactor (microbial digester) to reduce concentrations of various pollutants before releasing waste into waterways.
  • State government rock quarry permit engineer — Work with rock quarry operators so that they collect runoff and allow blasting fines to filter through a settling pond before water is released into a creek or river.
  • Stream bank restoration engineer — Design components of stream re-routing and stream bank re-grading so that floodwaters are controlled and pollution is better-filtered by streamside plants.
  • Nutrient management engineer — Work with feedlot operators to design on-site treatment systems (e.g., sewage treatment ponds or land application as fertilizer) that will utilize nutrients (nitrate and phosphorus) from animal and solid liquid waste, so that raw sewage does not enter the groundwater or a river.
  • Risk assessment engineer — Calculate how much children’s blood lead levels can be reduced by removing lead smelter wastes from domestic yards in places near retired mines, such as the Silver Valley in northern Idaho.
  • Hydrologist — Harnessing energy produced from water in motion is an engineering challenge for the hydrologist.


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