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Food and Bioprocess Engineering Careers

Your understanding of the interrelationships between technology and living systems give you a wide variety of employment options.

  • Food processing engineer — Maintains the testing and processing equipment our food supply that assures processed food is safe and its quality meets Food and Drug Administration criteria.
  • Food research engineer — Technical are used to help reformulate mass production methods that permit the transfer research discoveries from the laboratory mass production of food products.
  • Food production manager — The food industry has need for technical personnel who are involved in handling marketing products and the machinery processes these ingredients. Managers train personnel on the use of this equipment and how to safely handle food components.
  • Bioprocess engineer — This engineer works for the food industry as it ag-based products into value-added products, which includes management processes involved in measurement, preservation, taste, appearance, other sensory aspects.
  • Bioproduct development engineer — Mass production of food is a complicated skill that involves working with high pressurized, sanitary, and water consuming machinery.
  • Biofuel consultant engineer — Such as biodiesel and ethanol are available in the market. Research ongoing to work with these by-products agriculture to discover new efficiencies manufacture that meets a growing public demand.
  • Bioenergy engineer — Demand biodegradable products and solar thermal energy is a challenge to bioenergy engineer to make new discoveries that allow use of agricultural by-for our nation’s fuel supply.

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