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Research and Extension

Beef ProductionBeef Cattle Production

The Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS) Beef Production program serves Idaho´s number-one agricultural commodity—beef cattle. The Idaho beef industry contributes $500 million to $700 million annually, depending upon market conditions, to Idaho´s economy. 

AVS conducts research and provides educational programs in health, production, range cow, integrated resource and sustainable management, as well as cow-calf nutrition and feedlot nutrition.

Dairy ProductionDairy Production
The Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS) Dairy Production program serves Idaho's fastest growing commodity-based industry. The Idaho dairy industry produces annual gross revenues of $1.43 billion, and is the highest grossing commodity in the state.  

AVS conducts research and provides extension programs in the areas of nutrition, lactation and reproductive physiology, herd health, milk quality, safety, breeding and genetics. Strong cooperative programs exist with allied industry and cooperator herds across the state. Excellent relationships exist with the United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI) and association support is substantial.

Milk and Meat QualityMilk and Meat Quality

The Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS) Meat and Milk Quality program serves Idaho's combined livestock and dairy production sectors, including the beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep and swine industries. Animal and plant agriculture constitutes over 21 percent of Idaho´s $13.6 billion state economy. 

AVS conducts research and provides educational programs in the areas of muscle biology, animal growth factors, meat quality, safety, consistency factors, HACCP procedures, and live animal and carcass evaluation. Considerable cooperative programming is conducted with the feedlot industry and with the packing and processing industry.

Sheep ProductionSheep Production 
The Animal and Veterinary Science (AVS) Sheep Production program serves approximately 2,500 farmers and ranchers in Idaho and Washington. Idaho has the highest total acreage of wilderness and public lands of any state except Alaska. Much of this land is only suitable for livestock grazing, making it ideal for sheep. 

Through the University’s Sheep Research and Teaching Unit in Moscow, and the Caine Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Caldwell, AVS conducts research and provides educational programs in the areas of range, flock, nutrition, health management. Additional topics include reproductive physiology, sustainable management and production practices. AVS has relationships with the United States Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, Idaho and the USDA Animal Disease Research Unit in Pullman, Washington.