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Mireille Chahine

Mireille Chahine, Ph.D.

Office: Twin Falls R & E Center, 315 Falls Blvd, Evergreen Bldg, Twin Falls, ID 83301
Phone: (208) 736-3609
Email: mchahine@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Twin Falls R & E Center
PO Box 1827
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301-1827

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Extension Dairy Specialist & Associate Professor

Home Town: Lebanon

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Milk Quality, Milking Management, Personnel training and management (Spanish and English) Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Production Management
  • Selected Publications

    • Chen, L.; C. W. Gray, W. Neibling; S. K. R. Yadanaparthi, M. Chahine, and M. E. de Haro Marti. On farm comparison of two dairy manure application methods in term of ammonia, odor emissions and cost. ASABE journal (submitted).
    • Moore A., S. Hines, B. Brown, C. Falen, M. E. de Haro Martí, M. Chahine, R. Norell, J. Ippolito, S. Parkinson, and M. Satterwhite. 2013. Soil-Plant Nutrient Interactions on Manure Enriched Calcareous Soils, Agronomy Journal (Accepted).
    • Norell, R., S. Hines, M. Chahine, T. Fife, M. E. de Haro Martí, S. Parkinson. 2013. Comparing Three Different Methods for Assessing Corn Silage Density, Journal of Extension. October 2013, volume 51-5 Article 5RIB9.
    • Peterson, S. E., P. Rezamand, J. E. Williams, W. Price, M. Chahine, and M. A. McGuire. 2012. Effects of dietary betaine on milk yield and milk composition of mid-lactating Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 95: 6557-6562.
    • Hines, S., A. Moore, B. Brown, M. Chahine, R. J. Norell, M. E. de Haro Martí, C. Falen, T. Fife, S. Parkinson, and J. Ippolito. 2012. Using Extension Phosphorus Uptake Research to Improve Idaho’s Nutrient Management Planning Program, Journal of Extension. 50-5: Article RIB10.
    • Chahine, M. 2012. La higiene del ordeño (Effective hygienic measures in dairy farms). Albéitar, Spain. 156: 10-11 also in Portuguese in Albéitar, Portugal. 5: 14-16.
    • Chahine, M. and M. E. de Haro Marti. ¿Cómo reducir el recuento de células somáticas? (How to reduce Somatic Cell Counts?). Albeitar, Spain. July 2010 (136): 4-6.
    • Glaze, J. B. and M. Chahine. 2009. Assessment of Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) practices on Idaho dairies. J. Dairy Sci. 92:1265-1271.
    • Allen, J. D., J. K. Ahola, M. Chahine, J. I. Szasz, C.W. Hunt, C. S. Schneider, G. K. Murdoch, and R. A. Hill. 2009. Effect of feeding period and ractopamine hydrochloride on feedlot performance, carcass characteristics, and end product quality in market dairy cows. J. Anim. Sci. 87: 2400-2408.
    Peer Reviewed

    • Chahine, M., Pozo, O. and M. E. de Haro Marti. 2013. Appropriate Milking Routine (Rutinas apropiadas de ordeño). eXtension fact sheet. http://www.extension.org/pages/Materiales_en_español
    • Chahine.M. 2010. TMR mixing: The basics. 2010. eXtension fact sheet. Reviewed and waiting for copyright clearance.
    • Chahine, M. 2010. Managing the feedbunk on dairies. eXtension fact sheet. Reviewed and waiting for copyright clearance.
    • Fife, T.E. and M. Chahine. 2009. Principles of Successful Silage Management. Cow-Calf Management Guide and Cattle Producer’s Library. Second Edition: Nutrition Section (320) 1-6.
    • Sheffield, R. E., B. Brown, M. Chahine, M. de Haro Marti, and C. Fallen. 2008. Mitigating high phosphorus soils. CIS Bulletin 851.
    • Chahine, M., J. Ahola, J. B. Glaze, J. C. Dalton and R. Norell. 2008. Garantía de Calidad de Carne del Bovino Lechero. University of Idaho. 16 pages.
    • Ahola, J., M. Chahine, J. B. Glaze, J. C. Dalton and R. Norell. 2008. Idaho Dairy Beef Quality Assurance. University of Idaho. 16 pages.
  • Awards and Honors
    • University of Idaho Extension Diversity Award recognizing efforts to deliver extension programming to underserved audiences, Spring 2008
    • Efforts to educate Hispanic dairy workers recognized by Dr. Tim White, President of the University of Idaho in his address to the General Faculty on August 23rd 2006.
    • Hueg-Harrison Fellowship recognizing excellent academic record and relationship forged between graduate student and advisor, summer 2002.
    • Colonial Dames Scholarship recognizing academic achievements of an international student at the University of Minnesota. Winter 2002.