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Chris Schneider

Christopher Schneider, DVM

Office: AG Sci 215
Phone: (208) 885-7390
Email: cschneid@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Animal and Veterinary Science
875 Perimeter Dr. MS 2330
Moscow, ID 83844-2330

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Associate Professor

Campus Locations: Moscow, ID | CVTC, Caldwell, ID

  • Selected Publications
     Refereed Journals

    Craig J. Louder; Allison V. Grove, MS, PAS; M. Wayne Ayers, DVM; Chris S. Schneider, DVM, MS.
    Serum Response of Holstein Neonatal Bull Calves to Two Injected Trace Mineral Products. Journal of
    the American Association of Bovine Practitioners: Submitted for Review Oct 2011.

    J. J. Wilson, R. B. Pillars, and C. S. Schneider. Comparative efficacy of three antimicrobials for
    treatment of undifferentiated disease in pre-weaned dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science: Submitted for
    review Nov 2011.

    Agle, M., A. N. Hristov, S. Zaman, C. Schneider, P. Ndegwa, V. K. Vaddella (2010). Effects of ruminally degraded protein on rumen fermentation and ammonia losses from manure in dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 93:1625–1637.


    CS Schneider, MW Ayers, JM Gay (2010). The Northwest Bovine Veterinary Experience Program: Experiential Learning in Veterinary Medical Education (abs). 2010 Western Region Teaching Symposium.

    CS Schneider, M Hill, C Welch, L Hill, R Hill, GK Murdoch (2010). Surgical Outcomes of Biceps femoris Muscle Biopsy in Cattle.. Proceedings, American Association Bovine Practitioners (abs). 42.

    CS Schneider, L Fox, A Hristov. Effects of lauric acid level on bacteria in milk. Proceedings National Mastitis Council 2010.
  • Research Projects
    Multimin Incorporated. Clinical trial. The effects of injectible trace mineral supplementation on calf morbidity, mortality and weaning weights on a commercial calf raising facility in Central California. 08/02.

    Bioimmune Corporation. Clinical trial. The effects of an autogenous mastitis vaccine on a high production commercial dairy in the central San Joaquin valley. 08/01-08/02.

    Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine Research Track Program. Primary investigator. Designed and carried out studies involving the interaction of oviductal epithelial and sperm cells in vitro. 08/95-08/97.

    Washington State University Department of Animal Science masters thesis project.

    "Comparison of sperm from bulls with different field fertility used for in vitro fertilization".


  • Awards and Honors
    Outstanding Mentor, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, 2008

    Newbrey Teaching Scholar, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, 2006

    Senior Small Animal Student of the Year. WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, 1999.

    Outstanding Senior Paper Presentation award. WSU College of Veterinary Medicine 1999.

    President, Agricultural Animal Club. WSU College of Veterinary Medicine1997/98.

    SAVMA symposium national bovine reproduction and palpation competition. Fourth place competitor 1996, National Champion 1998.

    WSU Veterinary School Research Track Summer Research Fellowship 1995-1999.

    Graduate Student of the Year, Department of Animal Sciences. Washington State University 1995.

    Teaching Assistant Excellence Award nominee WSU Animal Sciences 1994.