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Department of Agricultural and Extension Education

Ag 410 - Personal Skill Development

The Personal Skills curriculum (Ag 410) was developed in 2012 with funding from the Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education.

Please note - there are not separate documents for each objective.  Please review the unit plan first.  If the objective does not have an individual document, it is incorporated into the unit plan.

Competency Profile

     CAERT Crosswalk
Idaho High School Speech Standards    
Unit One - Personal Development Unit Five - Public Speaking
1.00   Unit Plan  (MS Word)    5.00  Unit Plan (MS Word)
1.01   Self Image  (PowerPoint)    5.01  Public Speaking Lesson Plan (PDF)
1.02   Building Relationships (PowerPoint)    5.02  Enunciation Practice (MS Word)
1.03   Professional Ethics (PowerPoint)        5.02  Extemporaneous Speaking Scorecards (MS Word)
1.03   Ethics and Personal Character (PowerPoint)    5.02  Extemporaneous Speaking Topics (MS Word)
        5.02  Impromptu Speaking Lesson Plan (MS Word)
Unit Two - FFA Unit Plan    5.02  Impromptu Speaking (PowerPoint)
2.00  Unit Plan (MS Word)    5.02  Informative Impromptu Speech (PDF)
2.01  Basics of FFA Worksheet (MS Word)    5.02  Overcome Fear of Public Speaking (MS Word)
2.01  FFA Creed (PDF)     5.02  Presentation Opinions (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Modified Quiz #1 (MS Word)    5.02  Speech Quiz (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Modified Quiz #2 (MS Word)    5.03  How to Type Works Cited (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Modified Quiz #3 (MS Word)    5.03  Possible Speech Topics (MS. Word)
2.01  Creed Modified Quiz #4 (MS Word)    5.03  Public Speech Using Magic Formula Part 1 (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Modified Quiz #5 (MS Word)    5.03  Public Speech Using Magic Formula Part 2 (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Practice (MS Word)    5.03  Example Speech (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Presentation Grade Sheet (MS Word)    5.03  Presentation Tips Assignment (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Presentation (PowerPoint)    5.03  Presentation Tips Notes (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Quiz #1 (MS Word)    5.03  Presentation Tips Voice and Non-Verbal (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Quiz #2 (MS Word)    5.03  Speech Rubric (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Quiz #3 (MS Word)    5.03  Writing Speeches Using the Magic Formula (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Quiz #4 (MS Word)    5.03  Prepared Speech Rubric (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Quiz #5 (MS Word)    5.03  Magic Formula (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Scramble (MS Word)    5.03  Speech Requirements (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Speaking Rules (MS Word)    5.03  Answering Questions (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Test With Boxes (MS Word)    5.03  Responding to Audience Feedback (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Test With Boxes Key (MS Word)    5.03  Public Speaking Test (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Worksheet #1 Creed Explanation (MS Word)    5.03  Public Speaking Requirements (PowerPoint)
2.01  Creed Worksheet #2 Creed Questions 1 (MS Word)    5.03  Prepared Speech Topics (MS Word)
2.01  Creed Worksheet #3 Creed Questions 2 (MS Word)    5.03  Works Cited Example (MS Word)
2.01  Example Emblem (MS Word)    5.04  Leading Group Discussions (PowerPoint)
2.01  Blank Personal Shield - Emblem (MS Word)    5.05  Listening Habits (MS Word)
2.01  Parts of the FFA Emblem (PowerPoint)    5.05  Communication Listening Activity (MS Word)
2.01  Personal Skills Emblem Rubric (MS Word)    5.05  Listening #1 (PowerPoint)
2.01  History of FFA Bingo Game Cards (MS Word)    5.05  Listening #2 (PowerPoint)
2.01  History of FFA Bingo Questions (MS Word)    5.05  Listening Notes Handout 1 (MS Word)
2.01  History of FFA Presentation (PowerPoint)    5.05  Listening Notes Handout 2 (MS Word)
2.01  History of FFA Highlights (MS Word)    
2.01  History of FFA and Opportunities (PowerPoint)    Unit Six - Personality and the Individual
2.01  FFA Unison Paragraph (MS Word)    6.00  Unit Plan (MS Word)
2.01  FFA Knowledge Test (MS Word)    6.01  Career Readiness (PDF)
2.01  The FFA Organization Test (MS Word)    6.03  Personal Traits (MS Word)
2.02  Planning Effective Meetings (PDF)    6.03  Teacher Notes for Personalities and Leadership (MS Word)
2.02  POA Standards (PDF)    6.04  Hartman Youth Personality Profile (MS Word)
2.03  Leadership Skills (PDF)    6.05  Color Code Personalities (PowerPoint)
2.04  FFA Opportunities (PowerPoint)    6.05  Occupational Groups (MS Word)
2.05  State FFA Rules (MS Word)    6.08  Attitude Inventory  (PDF)
2.06  Five FFA Degrees (PowerPoint)    6.11  Time Management from LifeKnowledge (PowerPoint)
2.06  Degrees Quiz (MS Word)    6.11  Time Management (PDF)
2.06  Discovery Degree Application (PDF)    
2.06  Greenhand Degree Application (PDF)    Unit Seven - Applying for a Job
2.06  Chapter Degree Application (PDF)    7.00  Unit Plan (MS Word)
2.06  State Degree Checklist  (PDF)    7.01  Skills Wanted by Employers Lesson Plan (MS Word)
     7.03  Selecting a Career Lesson Plan (MS Word)
Unit Three - Leadership Skill Development    7.04  Writing a Letter of Application Lesson Plan (MS Word)
3.00  Unit Three Unit Plan    7.05  Writing a Resume Lesson Plan (MS Word)
3.01  Leadership Presentation (PowerPoint)    7.07  Interviewing for a Job Lesson Plan (MS Word)
3.01  Officer Duties (PowerPoint)    
3.02  First Impressions Part 1 (PowerPoint)     Unit Eight - Labor Relations and Managmeent
3.02  First Impressions Part 2 (PowerPoint)    8.00  Unit 8 - Unit Plan (MS Word)
3.02  How to Interact With Different Personalities (MS Word)    8.01  Labor Relations Handout (PDF)
3.02  Introductions Part 1 (MS Word)    8.02  Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs (PowerPoint)
3.02  Introductions Part 2 (MS Word)    8.03  Employee Orientation Article (PDF)
3.02  Meeting People (MS Word)     8.04  Incentive Plan - Lesson Plan and Handout (PDF)
3.03  Self Image (PDF)    8.05  Workmens Compensation FAQ (PDF)
3.04  Communicating with Customers (PowerPoint)    8.06  Unemployment Insurance FAQ (MS Word)
3.04  The Communication Process (PowerPoint)     8.07  Employing Legal Aliens in Idaho (MS Word)
3.04  LifeKnowledge Communication Curriculum (PDF)     8.08  Understanding Taxes Handout (PDF)
3.05  Working in Committees (PDF)    8.09  Preparing Job Descriptions (PDF)
3.06  Citizenship (PDF)    
3.07  Planning and Implementing a Service Project (PowerPoint)    Unit Nine - Relationships on the Job
      9.00  Unit 9 - Unit Plan (MS Word)
Unit Four - Parliamentary Procedure    9.01  Qualities of an Employee Handout (PDF)
4.00  Parliamentary Procedure Unit Plan    9.01  Qualities of an Employee Lesson Plan (PDF)
4.01  Basics of Parli Pro (PowerPoint)    9.03/9.04  Relationships on the Job Handout (PDF)
4.02  Order of Business (PDF)    
4.03  Uses of the Gavel (PDF)    Unit Ten - Human Relations in Leadership and Management
4.04  Parli Pro Lesson Plan (PDF)    10.00  Unit 10 - Unit Plan (MS Word)
4.05  Basic Rules of Some Motions (MS Word)    10.01  Improving Self-Concept (MS Word)
4.05  Motion Descriptions Packet (MS Word)    10.03  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (PowerPopint)
4.05  Motion Set 1 (MS Word)    10.04  Leaderhsip Styles Quiz (MS Word)
4.06  Parli Pro Individual Debate Guide (MS Word)    10.04  Leadership Lesson (PowerPoint)
4.06  Parli Pro Group Demonstrations (MS Word)    10.05  Leadership Lesson 2 (PowerPoint)
4.06  Parli Pro Lesson Plan  (PDF)    10.06  Principles of Management (PDF)
     10.07  Principles of Management 2 (PDF)
     10.08  Principles of Management 3 (PDF)
     Unit Eleven - Stress Management
     11.00  Unit 11 - Unit Plan (MS Word)
     11.02/11.03   Stress Management (PDF)