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Department of Agricultural and Extension Education

Ag 330 - Landscape Design


Competency Profile


CAERT Crosswalk

Table of Contents Nursery/Landscape Careers
Course Outline
Landscape Design Drafting Elements & Principles of Landscape Design
   Drafting Equipment (ppt)    Color (ppt)
   Drafting Quiz Master (word)    Landscape Examples (ppt)
   Drafting Quiz (word)    Principles Student Sheet (word)
 Lettering  (pdf format)    Principles Student Sheet (pdf)
   Student Lettering Sheet    Principles & Elements (ppt)
   Lettering Student Handout
   Lettering Student Sheet Nursery/Landscape Equipment ID
   Low/High Lettering Sheet    Student Sheet (word)
Plan Label    Supplies ID Quiz (ppt)
   Plan Label Guide (pdf)    Supplies ID  (ppt)
   Plan Label (pdf)   Tool Comparison (word)
Student Sheets
   Base Plan (pdf) Installing Landscape Designs
   Circle (pdf)    Landscape Installation (ppt)
   Landscape Symbol Plan (pdf)    Tree Planting Master (word)
   Scale (pdf)    Tree Planting Student Sheet (word)
Symbols (pdf documents)
  Broadleaf Trees Maintaining Landscapes
   General and Branched Trees     Landscape Maintenance (ppt)
   Hardscapes     Tree Pruning Animation (word)
   Mulch and Groundcover     Tree Pruning Master (word)
   Needle, Grasses, Weeping Trees
   Wood, warer, turf, rocks Nursery Pests & Disorders Identification
    Pests & Disorders ID (ppt)
Planning Landscape Designs     Pests & Disorders Quiz (ppt)
    Coloring Techniques     Disorders and Pests Student Sheet
        Coloring Tech 1 (ppt)     
        Coloring Tech 2 (ppt) Nursery/Landscape Plant Identification
        Coloring Tech 3 (ppt)     CDE Nursery (pdf)
        Coloring Tech 4 (ppt)     Climate Zone (word)
        Coloring Tech Handout     ID Student Sheet (word)
        Handout (pdf) Presentations (ppt)
    Flower Bed Design 
      Student Sheet
    Plant ID A-E
    Landscape Design Process
    Plant ID F-L
    Site Analysis Grade Sheet     Plant ID M-P
    Landscape Design 
      Grade Sheet
    Plant ID Q-Z
    Bubble Diagram
      Grade Sheet
    Plant Classification
ID Quizzes (ppt)
    Quiz A-E
    Quiz F-L
    Quiz M-P
    Quiz Q-Z