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Virtual Technology & Design Program

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E-mail: vtd@uidaho.edu

University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2491
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2491

Virtual Technology & Design

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Welcome to the Virtual Technology and Design Program, where the phrase “thinking outside of the box” does not apply.

Because in a world without physical boundaries, there is no box. There’s only possibility. And our job is to equip you with the skill set you need to unlock it.

As a student of virtual technology and design, you learn to think critically and innovate in the ever-evolving virtual realm. You become prepared to create dynamic virtual experiences that have the potential to better the world and transform the way people across the globe live, work and play.

Animation Gallery

Check out the animations that students have done in the VTD program. More

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds are one of the key components to the Virtual Technology and Design (VTD) program. Our development platforms include: Unity3D®, Jibe®, Second Life®, VirTools® More