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Urban Design Center
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F.A.Q. About Professional Fees

  • 1. How and why was the professional fee implemented for students declaring a major in the College of Art & Architecture?
    The State Board of Education approved a professional fee for the College based on the higher cost of delivering education and the professional accreditation and credentialing of our disciplines.
  • 2. How much is the fee?
    • All full-time students (12 or more credits) - $553.00 per semester
    • Part-time undergraduates - $55.00 per credit
    • Part-time graduates - $61.00 per credit
  • 3. Do all students with majors in the College pay the professional fee?
    Yes, all students with a major pay the professional fee each semester. Those majors include the following: architecture, art and design, interior design, landscape architecture and virtual technology and design.

  • 4. What other fees should I expect?
    All students in the College of Art & Architecture pay a Technical Fee of $43.00 per semester. This fee partially supports the role of the director and instructional assistant in the Technical Shop and in addition, the equipment, tools and supplies that are available for our majors to utilize within their class work. We recently purchased a 3-D Laser Printer for our students using resources generated from the technical fee.
  • 5. What about Lab & Course fees?
    Generally speaking, students who pay the professional fee do not pay lab and course fees for courses offered in the College of Art & Architecture. Non majors do pay lab and course fees. Our majors may be required to pay a web-fee for on-line or hybrid course taken. This is different from a lab and course fee.

    Also, any students who travel abroad in our summer programs, pay a program fee (which covers the cost of hotels, tours, local travel, etc.), a per credit fee which is required at registration, and the professional fee. They do not pay the technical fee during summer sessions.
  • 6. How much does the professional fee contribute to the total budget of the College of Art & Architecture?
    Approximately 12 %
  • 7. How does the professional fee contribute to the educational experience of the student?
    The professional fee helps support student organizations, field trips, technical shops and studios, computer studios, teaching assistantships and student services such as the presentation of Academic and Financial Aid petitions, career advice, dissemination of opportunities for internships, and both group and individual mentoring by College Advisory Council members.

    Each degree program uses these funds to cover accreditation visits for all our accredited programs, association dues, professional development for faculty, to support temporary faculty, computer studio updates, technology cloud updates, studio facilities upgrades and moves, and technology and IT costs for the entire College.

    The professional fee also supports the operating budget of the College that provides financial and student services, manages relationships with external constituencies and university responsibilities, and College leadership.
  • 8. Is it possible that the Professional Fee will increase in the future?
    Yes, it is possible. While the professional fee did not increase for the Academic Year 2012/2013, it did increase for the Academic Year 2013/2014 and it is likely that the professional fee may increase in the future.
  • 9. Can the professional or technical fees ever be waived?
    The Dean of the College of Art & Architecture is the only person who can agree to waive the professional fee, or any other fee. This action is taken sparingly and only under the most serious of circumstances. Requests are handled on a case by case basis.
  • Contact Us with your questions.
    For additional information, please call the College of Art & Architecture Office at (208) 885-5423, or email us at caa@uidaho.edu.