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The faculty of the College of Art and Architecture includes renowned scholars and experienced professionals who know what it takes to excel as an artist or designer. They are dedicated teachers, mentors, and widely recognized experts, whose research is having a profound impact on the practice of art and design in the region, state, nation, and world.
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Interior Design Landscape Architecture Gaming, Simulation & Visualization (VTD) 
John W. Anderson
John Anderson
Associate Professor
Focus Areas: Design Theory/Application and Self identity within cyberspace (Avatar): The Biochemical, Electromechanical and Televirtual embodiment of identity.
» jwa@uidaho.edu
Miranda S. Anderson
Assistant Professor
Materials evaluation for sustainable interior environments - indoor air quality and embodied energy, adaptive reuse, historic preservation, new materials research and development, light and space, sacred and vernacular architecture/design, learning and healing environments.
» mirandaa@uidaho.edu
Diane Armpriest
Diane Armpriest
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Architectural materials and construction methods; Integration and expression of building technology in architectural form; Architectural design; Resource-efficient design and construction; Relationship between building systems and the natural systems and processes of the site
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Gary Austin
Gary Austin
Focus: Landscape Architectural History, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture Construction
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Rula Awwad Rafferty Profile
Rula Awwad-Rafferty
Focus: Environment and behavior interaction, factors affecting quality of life in the built environment: physical, cultural, social, and psychological, and Culture and resettlement: resettlement of cultural groups, elderly, health care applications, and military
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Rayce Bird
Rayce Bird
Studio Instructor
Focus Areas: Concept Art, Digital Painting, Special FX Makeup, 3d Modeling, Sculpting, Illustration, Story Development, User Interface and Game Design.
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Don Brigham
Don Brigham
Adjunct Faculty
Focus: Landscape Architecture Professional Practice, Planting Design
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Assistant Professor Matthew Brehm
Matthew Brehm
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design communication; Design process; Architectural history; Architectural education; Drawing and painting technique; Sacred architecture; Landscape design
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Val Carter
Val Carter
Senior Instructor/Shop Technician
Focus: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, 3-D design, Foundations
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Dwaine Carver
Dwaine Carver
Focus Areas: Design, arts planning, and public art specializing in the integration of art and design
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Minyoung Cerruti
Focus: Environment and behavior, healthcare design, environment for children and older adults, programming, evidence-based design, history of interior.
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Brian Cleveley
Brian Cleveley
Senior Instructor, Virtual Technology
1) The design and development of interactive, inhabitable, multi-user virtual worlds for non-entertainment purposes. 2) The design and development of serious gaming and simulation applications using multi-user game engine technologies. Phone: (208) 310-1632
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Shauna Corry
Shauna Corry, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chair
Research Areas: Interior Design; Environment and Behavior; Universal Design; ADA and Accessibility issues; Workplace Environments; Social Justice
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Marco Deyasi
Marco Deyasi
Assistant Professor
Focus: Modern art, Contemporary art, Critical theory, Museum studies, Historiography
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Raymond Dezzani
Raymond J. Dezzani, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Interests: economic geography, political geography/geopolitics, globalization, regional political/economic integration and inequality, philosophical foundations of geography and spatial processes, probabilistic political economy, spatial statistics and modeling, world-systems perspective and spatially-explicit evolutionary processes/landscape genetics.
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Lu Ding
Focus: Hand Rendering, Design Processing, Graphic Representation, and Conceptual Design Development.
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Casey Doyle
Casey Doyle
Assistant Professor
Focus: Sculpture, New Media, Metals and Jewelry, Crafts
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Steve Drown profile
Stephen R. Drown
Professor; Chair
Focus: Design Theory, Design Development, Graphics, Professional Practice
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David Giese
David Giese
Professor Emeritus
Focus: Reconstructions, Collage, Mold making
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Geography professor Tim Frazier
Tim G. Frazier, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Dr. Frazier's research involves climate change, hazards, and urban sustainability. Raised in a region exposed to several types of geophysical hazards, Dr. Frazier's expertise is coupled with first-hand experience and personal interest.
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Rachel Fujita
Rachel Fujita
Assistant Professor of New Media
Web Design & Strategy; Interactive Media; Motion Design; Information Design; Panoramic Photography; Video Art & Installation
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Lynne Haagensen
Lynne Haagensen
Professor Emeritus
Focus: Printmaking, Interface between new and traditional media, Collage
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Bruce Haglund
Bruce Haglund
Research Areas: Environmental technologies (heating, cooling, lighting, acoustics, water use); Passive solar heating and cooling; Natural lighting; Architectural design; Green architecture; Computer applications; Historic preservation; Vernacular architecture; Small town revitalization; Sustainable urban design issues; English green architecture
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Dean Mark Hoversten
Mark Elison Hoversten, Ph.D., FASLA, AICP
Dean of the College of Art and Architecture; Professor of Landscape Architecture
Focus: Site Design, Land Planning and Public Policy
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Higgins, Lorie
Lorie Higgins
Extension Specialist, Associate Professor

(208) 885-9717 | higgins@uidaho.edu
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Xiao Hu
Xiao Hu
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Urban and community design; Cultural, social and political representations of architecture; Spatial identity; non-Western architectural philosophies and history; Sustainable design; Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning
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Stacy Isenbarger
Stacy Isenbarger
Assistant Professor; Foundations Coordinator; Co-Graduate Coordinator
Focus: Sculpture, Installation, Interdisciplinary Practice, & Digital Imaging
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Delphine Keim
Delphine Keim
Associate Professor
Focus: Graphic design, Communication design, Information design, Typography, Interdisciplinary activities
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Michael Kyte
Michael Kyte, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor, Transportation
Current Research and Activities: Member of the Transportation Research Board's Committee on Highway Capacity and Quality of Service.
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Tamara Laninga
Tammi Laninga
Assistant Professor<br />Director, Bioregional Planning and Community Design
Research and teaching interests: Community-based collaborative planning, Federal land management planning processes, Sustainable land use planning.
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Zhenyu Liu
Zhenyu Liu
Research Areas: Hand rendered graphics, Digitally produced graphics, Design software skills.
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Jerrold Long
Jerrold A. Long
Professor of Law
Campus: Moscow
Courses taught: Environmental Law I and II, Land-Use Planning, Property
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Michael Lowry
Michael Lowry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Land use and transportation planning, Travel demand management, Traffic calming and street design, Bicycle and pedestrian planning, Project evaluation and finance, and Public participation
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Sally Machlis
Sally Machlis
Professor, Chair
Focus: Art education, Drawing, Painting, Mixed media artwork
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Anne Marshall
Anne L Marshall, PhD
Research Areas: Indigenous architecture and landscapes in North America; Architectural history; Social and cultural dimensions of global architecture and urban space; Architectural design; Urban and community design and regeneration
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Wendy McClure
Wendy McClure
Professor Emeritus, Chair Emeritus
Wendy McClure was the first woman architecture faculty member to be tenured and promoted and the first woman to serve as chair of the Department of Architecture at the University of Idaho.
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Phillip Mead
Phillip G. Mead
Associate Professor; Architecture Associate Program Coordinator
Research Areas: Health and design issues: light, air and view impacts on wellness and emotion, environmental systems, building components, and site impacts on wellness; History and theory; Design's impact on the imagination and emotions; Beginning design pedagogy
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Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller
3D Generalist
Foundation and Advanced; modeling, texture, lighting, and animation.
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Roman Montoto
Román Montoto
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design; Design Theory and Process; Graphic Communication; Digital Technologies and Cross-disciplinary Exploration for Spatial Discovery including Time-based Imagery
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Toru Otawa profile
Toru Otawa
Associate Professor
Focus Areas: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Planning, Applied Land Informatics
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Kasama Polakit
Kasama Polakit, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Focus Areas: Architecture and Urban Design research-design methods; Design-led intervention for sustainable urban futures; Social and cultural aspects of the built environment; Urban character & place-making; Reinterpretation of the Vernacular; Informal Urbanism; Transnational Urbanism; South East Asian architecture and urbanism.
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Nick Sanyal
Nick Sanyal
Associate Professor
Areas of specialization: Directing scholarship on and learning about the wildlands, communities and institutions necessary for the use, enjoyment, understanding and conservation of our natural resources; The Academic Advising- Service Learning-Teaching interface; Conservation planning; human dimensions of fish and wildlife management.
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Elizabeth Scott
Beth Scott
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Application of geomorphic landforming techniques to sustainable development, sustainable development practices in suburban residential sub-divisons and geospatial technology in design and planning curricula.
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Manoj K. Shrestha
Manoj K. Shrestha
Associate Professor of Political Science
Manoj K. Shrestha is an assistant professor of public administration and policy. His areas of teaching and research interests include public administration, public policy, local government, collaborative governance and networks, institutional collective action, and community sustainability.
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Nishiki Tayui
Nishiki Sugawara-Beda
Assistant Professor of Painting
Focus: Painting, Drawing, Japanese Calligraphy, Sumi-e, Video, and Theatre
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Randall Teal
Randall Teal
Associate Professor; Chair Architecture Program
Research Areas: Design pedagogy and theory with particular focus on perception, emotion, process and place.
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Greg Turner-Rahman
Greg Turner-Rahman, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Focus: New Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Visual Studies
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Philip Watson
Philip Watson
Associate Professor

(208) 885-6934 | pwatson@uidaho.edu
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Bill Woolston
Bill Woolston
Professor Emeritus
Focus: Digital imaging, Photography, Visual thinking
» woolston@uidaho.edu
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, PhD
Associate Professor; Director - Integrated Design Lab, Boise
Research Areas: Daylighting and simulation techniques for integrated design; Daylight and energy
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