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Student Ambassadors

Dylan Agnes
I am currently a senior going into the 4th year Architecture program with a minor in Art. While I was born in San Diego, CA I have called many places home as my father was in the Navy but I now call Seattle, WA home and Moscow, Idaho my second home. During my Sophomore year of high school I was placed into a drafting instead photography and was fortunate enough to have my teacher be a practicing architect. He took myself and several other under his wing and from that moment I have not looked backed in my pursuit of Architecture. While school keeps me busy I still like to be active in the college through AIAS and Student Congress of Art and Architecture (SCAA). When I graduate from the University of Idaho I would like to obtain an Internship and attend Graduate school. However, during my free time I enjoy archery, reading, and getting lost.
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Miguel Almeida
I'm from Caldwell, Idaho and i am Currently a Junior majoring in Virtual Technology and Design with a minor in art at UI. I've always been fascinated by art since i was a toddler and my love for art has grown tremendously over the years. Since i was young I have always wanted to be involved with art. I love being able to express yourself through it, whether if its a drawing, animation, or music. In my spare time I like to draw, paint, and skateboard. I hope one day to make my wild imagination and crazy ideas come to life for others to be inspired by.
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Erica Anderson
I am a student-athlete on the University of Idaho’s swim team while studying Virtual Technology and Design. I graduated here, from Moscow High School and decided to attend this college because I love the Palouse area, Moscow’s artsy feel and the Vandal family. I am excited to pursue my degree and see what the future has in store for me.
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Morgan Blair
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Amanda Boik
I am from Spokane, Washington, but my original plan for college did not include remaining in the Pacific Northwest. However, after spending two years as an English major at a private college in Ohio, I decided I wanted to move closer to home and impulsively applied to the University of Idaho's College of Art and Architecture. I am currently a senior majoring in Virtual Technology & Design, and I could not be happier about my decision. The University of Idaho has helped me turn a passion for art that I had always considered merely a hobby into a degree with foreseeable career opportunities. I hope to one day make a name for myself in the entertainment industry, whether by creating animated characters, CGI special effects, or intriguing virtual environments. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, drawing, eating, and spending far too much time on the Internet.
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Lindsay Eliason
Hello! I am currently a senior in the landscape architecture department with a minor in business. Redmond, Wa, where I was born and raised, will always be my home and now Moscow is my home away from home. My junior and senior year of high school I participated in a program called A.C.E. (architecture, construction, and engineering). My first year I worked as an architect and for my second year I decided to try out landscape architecture. I realized it allowed mean to combine my creative abilities, the outdoors, and mathematics! I have learned a lot more since my high school days from my professors and other mentors. Outside of school I thrive on playing sports, crafting, camping, traveling, and staying active in my sorority. I hope to someday bring all my experiences and knowledge together to start a firm all my own which encourages healthy lifestyles and the imagination to go wild!
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Tessa Grundler
Major: Interior Design
Hi! I’m Tessa Grundler, a California transplant via Teton County, Idaho. I love Moscow, Idaho! I graduate this Spring with my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. I love all things in design but most recently found a passion for and success in furniture design. School projects keep me busy but in my free time I love reading, theater productions, independent films, bike riding, swimming, and finding new uses for everyday things. Life by design is beautiful!
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Sara Helal
I am from Vancouver B.C, I started taking some interior design courses in Vancouver then I came to the university of Idaho to continue my studies. Interior design has always been a passion of mine since early high school but I was a bit concerned about drawing, which I found out later that it comes by practice. And the discipline as a whole as interesting and fulfilling. I am now going into my last year in Interior design and a minor in architecture.
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Josh Hoffer
Major: Architecture
I am currently a senior in the 4th year of the architecture program. I’ve grown up all over Idaho but call Boise my home. My interest in Architecture started at a young age with Legos and plastic animals. In high school, I took an Architecture/Drafting course through my high school and became hooked. While I love working on Architecture, I enjoy having a life outside of it. In my free time, I like to camp, read, draw, ski and travel. I plan on going into graduate school for Architecture and one day would like to own my own firm. If you have any questions feel free to email me!
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Justin Horne
Hey there. I'm Justin Horne, and I'm a third year Virtual Technology and Design major from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. I've always had a love of design, architecture, and animation. Design is one of the few things that I've consistently been interested in throughout my life. VTD allows me to focus that love into something that's broad enough to cover my interests, but focused enough I still progress. I'm involved with various clubs on campus, and I'm the Vice President of I.D.E.A., the student group for VTD. I'm currently a committee chair on the College of Art and Architecture Student Congress, as well as TAing various studios and classes. I'm a founding father of the  Pi Kappa Phi chapter here at UI. In my spare time, I  enjoy various things related to design and art, such as photography and graphic design. I try to stay fit, and I'm an active road cyclist and runner. Thanks for reading.
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Janice Kammler
I am a Las Vegas native who made the trek to Moscow to attend college at the University of Idaho in 2006. Starting as an Architecture major I spent several years learning about the college and the City of Moscow. After a few years I realized my true passion in life is to be an Interior Designer. I am currently a senior in Interior Design with plans to graduate spring 2014 and take the high-end nightclub and hotel industry by “Green” storm! Yes, I got my drive and passion toward nightclubs and hotels from my roots in Vegas, but sustainable building is something I learned and grew passionate about at the U of I. I have minors in Architecture and Art, and have spent some time on exchange at the University of North Carolina and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As an Interior Design student I participated in design competitions from building remodels to furniture construction and design. Through these competitions I have achieved great things, winning the Groovystuff Design Challenge I designed and produced a side table which is now in their catalog and being sold worldwide!! In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping, constantly redesigning my surroundings… in my head…, archery, and traveling!
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Jacob Liddicoat
I was always inquisitive and had a variety of interests from the time I was very young. In high school it started with buying, repairing, and selling cars specifically for teen drivers. During my senior year I had a part time job as a computer technician, followed by working the summer installing low voltage wiring. I then started college as a Construction Management major, but changed majors when I decided that Architecture was my calling. One of the college experiences I have really enjoyed is participating in an engineering class for 3 years, where I’m in charge of the onboard flight photography for a series of NASA sponsored balloon launches.
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Rachel Midence
Hello! I am a Junior majoring in Virtual Technology and Design (VTD) and Computer Science here at the University of Idaho. I'm 20 years old and I was born in Montana then moved to Idaho where I've continued my education. Design and virtual environments have always fascinated me as a child so I chose to continue my education in this field. I have a passion for character design, 3D modeling, story telling, music, reading, swimming, racket sports, and golf (more recent). I also love being with my family and friends. My goal is to finish my bachelor's degree and do 3D modeling and design for gaming or animation companies.
Phone: (208) 791-1464
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Julia Norris
I moved to Moscow from Baltimore, Maryland to concentrate in Graphic Design at the University of Idaho. I’ve learned many techniques here, but a few of my favorites are painting, printmaking, and photography. I also enjoy cooking and rock climbing. I’m a very social person and love to collaborate on projects involving art.
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Sarah Sturdefant
Major: Virtual Technology and Design
I am from Tri-Cities, Washington and transferred to the University of Idaho after completing my AA Degree from the community college there. I enrolled here as an Architecture major and then changed my major before my first semester started. I have always loved art, movies, and video games and I wanted my career to include them.
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Lindsey Whittington
I am a Virtual Technology and Design major and I chose the University of Idaho for its close community and proximity to home. I’m from Boise, Idaho and a Timberline High School graduate. I love designing and hope to take many studio classes to supplement my virtual design education. I also enjoy figure skating and teach children to skate on the weekends. With my education I hope to learn a broad skill set that will give me many opportunities in the digital art realm.
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