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Painting of Basque culture

Sustaining Basque Culture in Boise


A multi-disciplinary team of students and faculty in the College of Art and Architecture are pioneering a new way to preserve the important Basque heritage in Boise, Idaho.

In collaboration with the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, the group is modeling an interactive virtual world to engage people in Boise’s vibrant Basque community and to increase awareness about the ancient culture.

Working within the Basque Block, a section in downtown Boise dedicated to keeping Basque culture alive, virtual technology and design students are developing a real-time interface that will incorporate elements of dance, theater, myth, food, music and other culturally significant artifacts.

Visitors to the virtual world will be encouraged to immerse themselves in Boise’s modern and historic Basque community. Users will have the ability to travel through time, learn a Basque dance, explore historical events, network and more.


• Preserve cultural traditions and encourage the sustainability of the Basque heritage in Boise, Idaho.
• Develop a new interactive virtual model for multi-generational awareness and education of various cultures.


Project leaders hope to explore additional applications of this type of interactive virtual environment, including state tourism efforts.


Lead Faculty:
John Anderson, Assistant Professor, Virtual Technology and Design
Miranda Anderson, Assistant Professor, Architecture and Interior Design
Kevin Van Den Wymlenberg, Director, Integrated Design Laboratory, Boise
Sherry McKibben, Director, Idaho Urban Research and Design Center, Boise

Virtual Technology and Design Studio (VTD 355), junior-level students

Department of Construction Management, Boise State University
Basque Museum and Cultural Center
The Basque Block