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Tyler Ashworth

A National Leader in Architecture

Tyler Ashworth is one of the nation’s leading advocates for architecture students. After he receives his master’s degree in architecture in May, Tyler will move to Washington, D.C., to begin his term as the 2010-11 national president of American Institute of Architecture Students.

Ashworth was elected to the position at the AIAS annual conference in Minneapolis, Minn., on Jan. 1. The organization includes more than 7,000 architecture students at 150 college and universities in the U.S. and abroad. AIAS is considered the official voice of architecture students, with a mission that includes the promotion of excellence in architecture education, training and practice.

“It’s been an eye-opening experience,” said Ashworth, who currently represents the western region on the AIAS board of directors. “Working with all the chapters and helping them grow and be successful; that is where my passion lies.”

As president, Tyler also will work with other professional architecture organizations to represent the voice of students on issues that are critical to the profession.

“Tyler is a very accomplished scholar and a passionate advocate for architectural education,” said Architecture Professor Bruce Haglund. “We're quite pleased and proud that he's been elected to national office. Tyler is the second recent University of Idaho student to gain a national AIAS office; several years ago Jeanine Gunderson was elected AIAS vice president. So, as our slogan says, we have a legacy of leadership.”

On a historical note, Morton Awes served as the AIAS president in 1967-68.

Tyler says issues like community design are important to students. “We can develop great places to live,” said Tyler. “Architects are trained to be creative problem-solvers, and work at finding new solutions to problems.”

He also supports community service programs that allow architecture students to make their communities better places to live. The University of Idaho now is a Freedom by Design chapter. Freedom by Design is the national AIAS community service program that utilizes the talents of architecture students to design modest improvements to homes that benefit disabled and low-income persons. Idaho students helped a woman confined to a wheelchair by deigning and building a full-size ramp that allowed her a safe, easy method of entering and exiting her home. Architecture students also volunteered to build a play deck for a Moscow day care that met Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

“My greatest moments have been when I can work with a team to accomplish great things, and watch others develop personally and professionally,” said Tyler.

During his term as president, Tyler will sit on the 2011 American Institute of Architects board of directors and continue to be the voice of student architects. He plans on becoming a licensed architect, but admits that serving as a leader of the AIAS has opened up new options for him.

“I want to be a civically engaged designer and architect, and there are some nonprofit organizations that do interesting, humanitarian projects. I’d also like to get involved in education. I had a drafting teacher in high school who really opened my eyes to architecture. It would be my way of ‘paying it forward’ to be able to inspire other high school students as I was inspired.”