What it Takes

Prepare for Success

Students generally apply to the professional M.L.A. program after successful completion of the third year in the pre-professional B.S.L.A. program. If accepted, you may qualify for graduate status during the fourth year of the B.S.L.A.

The University of Idaho Department of Landscape Architecture has an articulation agreement with several community colleges that enables graduates of two-year landscape horticulture and landscape technology programs to transfer seamlessly into the B.S.L.A. program at Idaho and, eventually, into the professional program.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree in a discipline other than landscape architecture, you may pursue an M.L.A. through the three-year program option.

Your First Year

As a student in the professional program, you will pursue advanced studies that enhance your understanding of the built and natural environment in a variety of contexts. Through classes and studios, you will explore:

  • Interdisciplinary planning and design
  • Geography, geology, hydrology and landscape ecology
  • Visualization and 3D modeling of the landscape
  • Art and design history and theory
  • Bioregional planning and design
  • Green infrastructure and water conservation technology
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Landscape architecture research methodology
  • Urban design and community planning
  • Landscape architecture history and theory
  • Site engineering process and technology
  • Urban and landscape theory