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College of Art and Architecture
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2461
Moscow, ID 83844-2461

phone: (208) 885-4409
fax: (208) 885-9428
email: caa@uidaho.edu

Sketch of the Integrated Studio Complex

About the Complex

With a proposed location on the eastern side of the University of Moscow campus on College Avenue, the Eduardo Alvarez Studio Complex will integrate interdisciplinary learning, teaching and research. It will focus on a problem to be solved and bring together disciplines as needed, taking a new approach to teaching.

Students will gain a firsthand experience as they build their projects using rapid prototyping and build projects for the community in a unique service-learning model. As a part of the learning experience, students will be allowed to help in the complex’s building process and, over time, even renovate their own work spaces.

Regenerative and sustainable design concepts will be incorporated into nearly all aspects of the building, from the green roofs to the natural lighting. Reused water and recycled materials will be used throughout as well as low energy and renewable energy sources. The new studio complex will feature more than 15,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor classrooms, including the following buildings and features:

  • Construction yard
  • Technical shop and assembly yard
  • Town square for project review and gallery exhibits
  • Faculty offices
  • Indoor and outdoor garden complexes

The complex will use simple technology to help save costs, but highly sophisticated design concepts to achieve a regenerative design. Proposed building features include use of the following materials:

  • Red brick exterior
  • Exposed structural elements
  • Purposed glazing
  • Industrial materials
  • Daylight views
  • Cisterns
  • Active solar panels
  • Wind power
  • Passive ventilation
  • Green roof
  • Rainwater management
  • Radiant heating
  • Local materials


"This studio complex will be designed to be as regenerative as possible. Being regenerative means you contribute more than you consume." - Dean Mark Hoversten
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