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Nampa School District

The IDL is partnering with Nampa School District, one of the fastest growing districts in the Pacific Northwest, to encourage efficient use of energy in their schools.

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Director- Integrated Design Lab
306 S. 6th Street
Boise, ID 83702
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College of Art and Architecture
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Urban Design Center
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Integrated Design Lab
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Boise, ID 83702

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website: www.idlboise.com

Students in the IDL

Integrated Design Lab

The Integrated Design Laboratory (IDL), located in Boise and operated by the College of Art and Architecture, provides professional designers with design education, research, resources and other services to promote the development of high-performance, sustainable buildings in Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

Design teams that utilize the resources available through the IDL will design buildings that are more comfortable for people, require less energy to maintain and operate, and enhance the health and productivity of their inhabitants.

IDL specializes in the disciplines of  daylighting, electric lighting, HVAC, and other high-performance, sustainable practices. Services include:
1. Training and education
2. Predesign charette
3. Schematic design: eco charette
4. Schematic design: daylight consultation
5. Schematic design: electric lighting consultation
6. Daylight modeling
7. Energy modeling
8. Electric lighting mock-ups
9. Utility incentives coordination

The IDL is sustained by grants from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance's (NEEA) BetterBricks program, Idaho Power, The Idaho Energy Division, as well as matching funds by the University of Idaho and project clients.

Visit the IDL Web site to learn more about IDL services and projects.

Integrated Design Lab

Listen to Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg discuss the new Integrated Design Lab's new lab space in downtown Boise. More

Daylight Modeling

IDL uses digital and physical models to test design ideas during the schematic design and design development phase.