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Roger Rowley

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Roger H.D. Rowley
Director, Prichard Art Gallery

phone: (208) 885-3586

College of Art & Architecture
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4405
Moscow, ID 83844-4405

Prichard Art Gallery

The Annual MFA Thesis Exhibit

Featuring the works of our MFA Students | April 11 - May 17

“This exhibit has an international flair. Students from 3 continents are included. It highlights the global nature of the arts and higher education.” said Roger Rowley, director of the Prichard Art Gallery.

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Jacob Commodore uses clay as a window and a mirror through which he creates an elegant vision of nature. Using branches and twigs as a subject, his work calls attention to our immediate environment. He attempts to show how nature maintains it’s many splendors through the use of textures, patterns, color, glazes and the interplay of negative and positive space.

Eric Demattos uses photography and painting to separate the layers in the images and reassemble them into a new piece that reflects the emotion felt in abandoned places. Within his images there is an unraveling narrative. The narrative provides questions rather then giving us the answers.

Jeff Hutchinson’s darkly patterned paintings hint at surreal landscapes that are at once metaphorical dreamlike and forboding.

Martin Nyarko explores relationships between found and accessible objects in mixed-media sculptures and installations. They are inspired by multicultural iconography, symbolism and maxims. He expresses his unique vision of both found and collected materials by transforming them into sublime forms and patterns through the process of play.

Lina Zhao’s artwork is branding for the Chinese tea company "Tea Studio" to adapt the market in the United States through the traditional Chinese art forms of ink painting and calligraphy, applied into promotional materials. The targeted promotions make a new audiences aware of the brand and its two trade names " LONGJING " and " CLOVERSHRUB."

Gallery Hours

Tues - Sat10 am - 8 pm
Sunday10 am - 6pm

The gallery, an outreach facility of the University of Idaho, is located at 414/416 S. Main St. on the corner of Fifth and Main Streets in downtown Moscow. Admission is free.