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Ethan Mansfield
After graduating from Whitman College in 2011, Ethan worked for a summer in Stanley, Idaho, keeping aquatic invasive species out of Redfish Lake, an outdoor playground nestled at the foot of the Sawtooth mountains. Ethan migrated to Breckenridge, Colorado for the winter, where he experienced a completely different version of mountain culture. After his disparate experiences in two mountain paradises, he was inspired to find out how and why these two towns in a similar mountain setting were so different. This, in turn, led him to the field of planning. He is now a graduate student in the Bioregional Planning Program at the University of Idaho and still enjoys cavorting about in mountains and canyons of the intermountain west. His professional interests include economic development planning, natural resource planning, and sustainable transportation planning.
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Seth Cool
BIOP graduate assistant, focusing on bicycle and pedestrian planning.
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Josh Hightree
Current BIOP student, Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. Dual MS in Engineering Management and Bioregional Planning & Community Design.
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Jorge Jordan
Current BIOP student; from Peru with a Civil Engineering degree
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Christine Schuette
From the Midwest with an interior design background, Christine is a BIOP AmeriCorps Volunteer focusing on Regional Food Security and Food Systems.
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Jordan Wrigley
Jordan has a library archives and anthropology background. SPPUD Member.
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Kenzie Payne
BIOP Graduate Student
Kenzie is from the Midwest, loves to bake and is a "foodie" at heart. She's passionate about cycling and bikes whenever she can.
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Liz Boyden
BIOP Student
Current BIOP Student; NARA Research Assistant.
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Scott Millman
BIOP Graduate Student
Scott is from the Midwest and interested in rural and tribal planning law.