College of Art and Architecture
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2461
Moscow, ID 83844-2461

phone: (208) 885-4409
fax: (208) 885-9428
email: caa@uidaho.edu


Urban Design Center
322 E Front Street, Suite 120
Boise, ID 83702

phone: (208) 334-2999
email: arch@uidaho.edu
website: uidaho.edu/caa/facilities/udc

Integrated Design Lab
306 S 6th St.
Boise, ID 83702

phone: (208) 429-0220
email: kevinv@uidaho.edu
website: www.idlboise.com


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generic avatar
Aaron Buckley
Transportation Planner
HIRED! Transportation Planner in Fairbanks, AK
generic avatar
Andrew Ackerman
Social Scientist
HIRED! Andrew is a Social Scientist for Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska.
generic avatar
Becky Couch
Assistant Planner
Becky worked full-time for UI Parking & Transportation Services. Her final project resulted in a $600K investment in pedestrian crossing, currently underway in 2014 by UI Facilities & Maintenance Organization. Becky is now at the City of Moscow, committed to staying and working in the Palouse. "Moscow is a great place to live and raise a family"
generic avatar
Carmen Weber
HIRED! Landscape architect for Boise area firm.
generic avatar
Kat Brown
Cat came to BIOP from anthropology with a love of plants and creative vision. When not exploring the Hawaiian islands with her husband; she is designing and building sustainable housing in the Northwest. Most recently in Wyoming.
generic avatar
Chris Cummings
HIRED! Two season AmeriCorps Volunteer for Backyard Harvest - now, their Program Manager. Chris coordinates Backyard Harvest's Whitman County activity and our gleaning program. On most days, he can be found high in a tree, picking plums or apples, but he also communicates with volunteers and keeps Backyard Harvest well-organized. He gathers, grows, and gleans to increase access to fresh produce on the Palouse.
generic avatar
Crystal Vanhorn
Double Major in MS Architecture and MS in Bioregional Planning & Community Design
generic avatar
Dan Callister
HIRED! Bicycle Pedestrian Planner for a resort town in NH.
generic avatar
Danielle Butsick
HIRED! Emergency Response Planner for WA Ecology.
generic avatar
Elvis Hererra
Alum. Volunteer for City of Nampa Community Development, seeking planning and landscape design work in CO.
generic avatar
Genny Gerke
HIRED! Environmental Educator in Boise, Idaho area.
generic avatar
Guy Hopkins
HIRED! Regional Planner for Eastern Montana
HIRED! Regional Community Economic Development Planner near the oil fields.
generic avatar
Hanna Persson
Alum, pursuing an advanced degree at The New School in NYC.

Extension Faculty
generic avatar
Jalal Jahir
HIRED! GIS Economic Planner in WA.
generic avatar
Jase Brooks
HIRED! Served two terms as AmeriCorps Member in Idaho. One for the University of Idaho and one for Nez Perce County. He is pursuing a Master's in Landscape Architecture to compliment his BIOP degree.
generic avatar
Jessica Evans
Our FIRST BIOP Alumni.
generic avatar
Jillian Maroney
Alum;pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science
generic avatar
John Hawkins
HIRED! Consultant for Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. in Moscow, Idaho.
generic avatar
John Meier
HIRED! Recreation Planner for US Forest Service.
generic avatar
Josh Arnold
Josh was a full-time planner for the Coeuer d'Alene Tribe while attending school.
generic avatar
Kate Mankoff
HIRED! Regional Food Systems Planner
HIRED! Kate is now working for an international non-profit organization in CA and Costa Rica, that focuses on environmental conservation efforts.
generic avatar
Lanier Nabahe
HIRED! Tribal Planning
generic avatar
Laura Laumatia
HIRED! Environmental Specialist & Former UI Extension Educator
HIRED! Environmental Specialist for CDA Tribe.
generic avatar
Lisa Marshall
Alum, pursuing a UI Law Degree. Interned for the City of Moscow Grants Office.
generic avatar
Liza Pulsipher Wilson
Alum; veteran wildland fire fighter and writer. Liza married her college sweetheart and is raising a family in Nevada while her husband is pursuing his medical degree.
generic avatar
Matt Jensen
Transportation Planner/Transit Manager
HIRED! Transit Planner/Transportation Planner for LUMMI tribe in Bellingham, WA. Matt came to BIOP with a Landscape Architecture degree and 10 years of professional experience. After BIOP graduation, he was the Director of the Lewis-Clark MPO.
generic avatar
Melissa Hamilton
HIRED! Farmer's Market Coordinator and Natural Resources Technician in OR.
generic avatar
Melissa Shumake
HIRED! Assistant Planner for Garfield County, WA
generic avatar
Michele Vachon
HIRED! Program Coordinator
HIRED! Program Manager for Bioregional Planning & Community Design Program & Building Sustainable Communities Initative; pursuing PhD in Geography
generic avatar
Monica Walker
Hazard Mitigation Planner
HIRED! BIOP Alum working as a natural hazards mitigation planner for King County, WA.
generic avatar
Nathan Weller
HIRED! Entrepreneur & City Councilman for the City of Pullman, WA
generic avatar
Navin Risal
generic avatar
Nick Brown
Transportation & Economic Planner
HIRED! Transportation and Economic Development Planner for the State of Montana.
generic avatar
Ryan Urie
Hired! Technical Write at SEL, Inc.
generic avatar
Tess Wolfenson Gandolfi
Graduate Research Assistant
HIRED! Airport Planner.
generic avatar
Wim Braak
Extension Faculty
HIRED! Extension Faculty for University of Idaho in Valley County, ID - focusing on regional economic development.