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Val Carter
Senior Instructor/Shop Technician

Focus: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, 3-D design, Foundations

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Marco Deyasi
Assistant Professor

Focus: Modern art, Contemporary art, Critical theory, Museum studies, Historiography

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Casey Doyle
Assistant Professor

Focus: Sculpture, New Media, Metals and Jewelry, Crafts

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Rachel Fujita
Assistant Professor of New Media

Web Design & Strategy; Interactive Media; Motion Design; Information Design; Panoramic Photography; Video Art & Installation

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David Giese
Professor Emeritus

Focus: Reconstructions, Collage, Mold making

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Lynne Haagensen
Professor Emeritus

Focus: Printmaking, Interface between new and traditional media, Collage

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Stacy Isenbarger
Assistant Professor; Foundations Coordinator; Co-Graduate Coordinator

Focus: Sculpture, Installation, Interdisciplinary Practice, & Digital Imaging

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Delphine Keim
Associate Professor

Focus: Graphic design, Communication design, Information design, Typography, Interdisciplinary activities

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Sally Machlis
Professor, Chair

Focus: Art education, Drawing, Painting, Mixed media artwork

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Greg Turner-Rahman
Associate Professor

Focus: New Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Visual Studies

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Bill Woolston
Professor Emeritus

Focus: Digital imaging, Photography, Visual thinking

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