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Art, Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is a 30-credit degree designed for those students who are certified teachers wishing to strengthen their experience in studio art.

Of the 30-credit total, 20 credits must be in art courses and 9 in professional courses in education, including Art 511 Readings in Art Education. At least 6 credits must be at the 500 level. 300-level and 400-level courses in art may be counted towards the degree.

M.A.T. students are encouraged to prepare themselves to take at least 6 credits, in 500-level art studio (Art 515, Aft Faculty Studio), and to participate fully in graduate activities.

Areas of concentration are:
  • painting
  • drawing
  • sculpture
  • ceramics
  • graphic design
  • printing
  • interface design

Students wishing to work in an area other than those listed above must clearly state their intention in their statement of goals or intent upon application for admission to the M.A.T. program.

Students wishing to work in a studio in which they lack adequate preparation may be required to take deficiency courses as prerequisites.

A final oral examination is required (and may be supplemented with a written examination at the discretion of the graduate committee). The M.A.T. final examination may require a written statement as a basis for the oral examination. Such determination is at the discretion of the graduate committee.