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ARCH 498/598

Registration (1-3 credits)

Undergraduate (third and fourth year) and graduate architecture majors may earn up to three (3) academic credits per semester, with a maximum of six (6) credits applied requirements towards the seamless professional degree. Students can earn academic credit by securing a position with an architecture firm and working under the supervision of a licensed architect. If academic credit is awarded for the internship experience it may not be counted toward the Internship Development Program (IDP) required for architectural licensing/registration.

Students must register for the internship during the semester of employment. This includes registering for summer school if the internship occurs during the summer months. Academic credit for an internship completed during a prior semester will not be awarded. No exceptions!

Academic credit is calculated based on the total amount of time spent working under the supervision of a licensed architect, and granted upon completion of all course requirements. Work may be done on a full-time or part-time basis.


 MINIMUM TIME spent working under the supervision of a licenseced architect.


 80 hours


 160  hours


 240 hours

Since registration offers a variable number of credits from 1-3, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the appropriate number of credits. Students must register for the number of academic credits anticipated in advance of starting the job. No credits will be retroactively added.

Students who are currently in 4th year and wish to receive graduate credit for a summer internship must either: a) file a course level adjustment form (CLAF) to have the credits reserved for the graduate transcript by the end of the first week of summer session, or b) request that Graduate Admissions move up the admission date from the start of fall semester to the start of summer session. Otherwise the credit(s) will be automatically be assigned to the undergraduate transcript.

Course Requirements

In addition to the requirements for work at the firm, each student is required to explore the academic aspects of the architectural office experience

 Weekly Journal Report  Post to Blackboard-Web CT    
 Monday, 8am, weekly
 Task & Time Log  Spreadsheet posted to Blackboard-Web CT      Last day of class
 Employer Letter      Letter (see below)  Last day of class

Weekly Journal Report

The purpose of this assignment is to keep a journal of reflections on your work experiences, and to provide a personal history (frame of reference) for self-evaluation of your progress and cumulative experiences during the semester. Topics might include a specific task you accomplished, the "atmosphere" of the office, your academic preparation for the work, how the work experience might change your approach to academics, etc. Discuss trials, tribulations and triumphs!

All journal entries will be reviewed and evaluated weekly.

The weekly report is a web-based journal entry. It has been set up as a discussion assignment to be conducted on the University of Idaho 'Blackboard' web site. To get signed up with blackboard, click

Task & Time Log

The student must keep a daily log of activities and develop a spread sheet of work hours which is organized according to the categories used for the Intern Development Program. For example time spent working on construction documents, site visits, design, and/or meetings with clients would be documented accordingly. This assignment is designed to familiarize the student with the requirements of the Internship Development Program. However it does not count towards fulfillment of the IDP since academic credit is being awarded.

The assignment should be saved as a pdf and posted to the assignment website. It may be posted with the Journal Report each week, or at the end of the semester. The number of points available (16) corresponds with the number of weeks in the semester.

Letter from Employer

At the conclusion of the internship period the employer must send a letter on firm letterhead directly to:

Diane Armpriest, Associate Professor
Department of Architecture and Interior Design
College of Art and Architecture
University of Idaho, Box 2451
Moscow, ID 83843-2451

The lettter should clearly state the dates and average weekly hours of the employment, a description summarizing work and activities completed, an assessment of the quality of the intern’s performance, and a recommended letter grade.

Learning Objectives

Gain a first hand experience of the functions and services of an architectural office, and understand the role of internship in obtaining licensure and registration.
Develop professional and technical skills.
Reflect on the relationship between academic knowledge and experience and the reality of implementing knowledge and skills in a professional setting.
Work with a licenced practitioners and staff, and begin to develop a professional network.


The course grade will be based on the completion of all of course requirements, quality of work submitted, and employer’s recommendation. A grade of incomplete will be automatically assigned until all of the work is completed and turned in to the supervising faculty member including the letter from employer.