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Urban Design Center
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Featured Articles

Jonathan Gallup and Provost
Designing a World Through Other Eyes
Thousands of miles from home -- and several years ago on a mission trip to Russia -- architecture graduate student Jonathan Gallup volunteered at a school for the blind. The experience was life-changing, and as he finishes his master’s degree at the University of Idaho, the Idaho Falls native has continued to change the lives of those around him.
» Found out how his world changed
Lighting the way of our Future
You may have heard the term IDL around town. It stands for Integrated Design Lab, a part of the University of Idaho’s College of Art and Architecture. The IDL is located in downtown Boise and it is dedicated to the development of energy efficient buildings.
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Architecture Design Recognition
Spies in action movies know what tools to use when they need to get somewhere that requires some sort of face, voice or fingeprint recognition program.
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Design Thinking
What if you were given the opportunity to redesign a local community? Or what if you were asked to redesign a piece of the American government? Our Design Thinking class is shaking up the status quo.
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Constructing Global Outreach
Architecture students head south to help out farmers in need in Panama as part of an alternative spring break.
» Building on an architecture degree with service
Tyler Ashworth
Tyler is a national leader in architecture. He is the 2010-2011 National President of the American Institute of Architecture Students.
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The Winning "Cinnamon Roll"
Alen Mahic created his unique chair in one of his architecture classes and won a national award and recognition.
» Meet Alen Mahic
Kudos to the IURDC
The Idaho Urban Research Design Center has been chosen by ECO-struction Productions to participate in a TV documentary.
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Art and Architecture in Washington D.C.
High-level audiences in the nation's capitol are taking in the creative work of University of Idaho art and architecture students.
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Integrating the Arts
University of Idaho student makes beautiful music with two very different disciplines.
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Sustaining Authenticity
A group of senior architecture students immersed themselves in San Francisco neighborhoods and created a sustainable architectural solution.
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Sustaining Basque Culture in Boise
Virtual Technology and design students and faculty are teaming up with several disciplines to create and interactive, virtual environment focusing on the Baque culture in Boise, Idaho.
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Carbon Neutral in McCall
Architecture students are engaged in the design-build of a carbon neutral facility, which when complete will be the first of its kind in the nation.
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