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Diane Armpriest
Diane Armpriest
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Architectural materials and construction methods; Integration and expression of building technology in architectural form; Architectural design; Resource-efficient design and construction; Relationship between building systems and the natural systems and processes of the site
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Assistant Professor Matthew Brehm
Matthew Brehm
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design communication; Design process; Architectural history; Architectural education; Drawing and painting technique; Sacred architecture; Landscape design
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Dwaine Carver
Dwaine Carver
Focus Areas: Design, arts planning, and public art specializing in the integration of art and design
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Bruce Haglund
Bruce Haglund
Research Areas: Environmental technologies (heating, cooling, lighting, acoustics, water use); Passive solar heating and cooling; Natural lighting; Architectural design; Green architecture; Computer applications; Historic preservation; Vernacular architecture; Small town revitalization; Sustainable urban design issues; English green architecture
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Xiao Hu
Xiao Hu
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Urban and community design; Cultural, social and political representations of architecture; Spatial identity; non-Western architectural philosophies and history; Sustainable design; Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural learning
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Anne Marshall
Anne L Marshall, PhD
Research Areas: Indigenous architecture and landscapes in North America; Architectural history; Social and cultural dimensions of global architecture and urban space; Architectural design; Urban and community design and regeneration
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Phillip Mead
Phillip G. Mead
Associate Professor; Architecture Associate Program Coordinator
Research Areas: Health and design issues: light, air and view impacts on wellness and emotion, environmental systems, building components, and site impacts on wellness; History and theory; Design's impact on the imagination and emotions; Beginning design pedagogy
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Roman Montoto
Román Montoto
Associate Professor
Research Areas: Design; Design Theory and Process; Graphic Communication; Digital Technologies and Cross-disciplinary Exploration for Spatial Discovery including Time-based Imagery
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Randall Teal
Randall Teal
Associate Professor; Chair Architecture Program
Research Areas: Design pedagogy and theory with particular focus on perception, emotion, process and place.
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Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, PhD
Associate Professor; Director - Integrated Design Lab, Boise
Research Areas: Daylighting and simulation techniques for integrated design; Daylight and energy
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