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Urban Design Center
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Architecture, Master of

The Master of Architecture (M. Arch), a professional program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB), provides the credentials and knowledge required to practice as a licensed architect after passing the Architectural Registration Examination.

Students with degrees in Architecture, Interior Design, and other majors are encouraged to apply. Depending on your undergraduate major, the length of study will vary from three or four semesters (Architecture), to six semesters (Interior Design), to nine semesters (other degrees).

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What You Learn
The architecture professional program is centered on the design studio. You develop concepts using drawings, models, digital media, and prose in the process of developing solutions to architectural problems. Design studio projects begin with small buildings in undergraduate introductory studios and increase in size and complexity as you advance through the program. You’ll collaborate with students and expert faculty from multiple disciplines as well as develop an individual graduate project to complete the experience.

As an M. Arch student, you pursue advanced studies of the built environment in a variety of contexts with the opportunity to explore topics and apply knowledge in:

  • Sustainable design
  • Urban and community planning
  • Integrated design
  • Architectural history
  • Construction technology
  • Structural design
  • Environmental control systems
  • Urban theory

International Experience
We offer graduate studios and coursework as summer term study abroad opportunities in China, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Urban Experience
M. Arch. students have the option of spending the fifth and/or sixth year of the program studying architecture and urban design at the Urban Design Center (UDC), located in downtown Boise. The UDC offers outstanding opportunities to collaborate with landscape architecture, planning, and engineering students as well as with design professionals, city planners, developers, urban designers, and community members on urban design projects that help shape the cultural and metropolitan identity of Boise.

Career Opportunities
The professional M. Arch prepares you for a career as a licensed architect. Other career paths include:

  • Construction manager
  • Urban planner
  • Community planner
  • Architectural designer
  • Architecture firm manager
  • Design consultant
  • Design-builder
  • Set designer

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Urban Design Center

The Urban Design Center offers interdisciplinary graduate studies to Master of Architecture and Landscape Architecture students. More