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Architecture Program

Phone: (208) 885-6781
Fax: (208) 885-9428
E-mail: arch@uidaho.edu

College of Art and Architecture
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2451
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2451

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phone: (208) 334-2999
email: arch@uidaho.edu

Urban Design Center
University of Idaho
322 E Front Street, Suite120
Boise, ID 83702

Required Courses

Required course work includes the university requirements and:

Arch 151 Introduction to the Built Environment (2 cr)
Arch 154 Introduction to Architectural Graphics (2 cr)
Arch 243 Digital Design Tools for Architecture and Interior Design (2 cr)
Arch 253 Architectural Design I (3 cr)
Arch 254 Architectural Design II (4 cr)
Arch 266 Materials and Methods (3 cr)
Arch 353 Architectural Design III (6 cr)
Arch 354 Architectural Design IV (6 cr)
Arch 367 Building Technology I-Steel Structures (3 cr)
Arch 385 History of Architecture I (3 cr)
Arch 386 History of Architecture II (3 cr)
Arch 450 Architectural Programming (2 cr)
Arch 453 Architectural Design V (6 cr)
Arch 454 Architectural Design VI (6 cr)
Arch 463 Environmental Control Systems I (4 cr)
Arch 464 Environmental Control Systems II (4 cr)
Arch 466 Building Technology III - Seismic Design (2 cr)
Arch 483 Urban Theory and Issues (3 cr)

Art 110 Integrated Art & Design (2 cr)
Art 112 Drawing as Design Thinking (2 cr)
Art 121 Integrated Design Process (2 cr)

RMAT 365 Wood Building Technology (3 cr)

LArc 251 Introduction to Principles of Site Design (3 cr)
Math 143 Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry (3 cr)
Math 160 Survey of Calculus (3 cr)
Stat 251 Statistical Methods (3 cr) 
CS 112 Intro to Problem Solving and Programming (3-4 cr)
Phys 111 General Physics I (4 cr)

Courses to total 128 credits for this degree (including at least 3 cr of 200-level or above courses taken outside the disciplines of architecture; landscape architecture; art and design; interior design; and virtual technology and design; and 3 cr of 200-level or above courses taken in any discipline. Credits earned in completion of an academic minor may be substituted).

The Professional Program is a six-year seamless program that involves fulfilling the requirements of both the B.S. Arch and the
M. Arch concurrently. See the course requirements for the M. Arch portion of the program.

View Seamless B.S. M. Architecture Curriculum Planning Checksheet