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Redesigning the Future One Class at a Time

By Ysabel Bilbao

"Go somewhere different."

That was the advice of Sherry McKibben's friends when she decided to go to school.

So following their advice, she did. The west coast girl, who grew up in Boise, lived in Portland and San Francisco, packed her bags and moved across the country with her sights set on a graduate program at Yale University.

It wasn’t until fate took over and her mother had become very ill, that the Boise native decided to move back home.

“Half of me said 'hmmm, it’s not really a big city, but you know I have to do this,'” explained McKibben.

Now her feelings of being forced have changed. “I love it, I love it! We live on Hays Street and we walk and ride our bikes,” McKibben exclaims.

With her two children in college, McKibben and her husband have become emerged in the capital city, and they work daily on making it better. “This is really a small community, so if you want to get something done, you can do it, you can really do it,” she says.

It’s that outlook on life and her surroundings that McKibben shares with her students. As associate professor and director of the Idaho Urban Research and Design Center (IURDC) at the University of Idaho Boise, McKibben’s College of Art and Architecture program offers a mixture of the traditional classroom with real world experience.

"This program allows us to be in a city and allows us to collaborate,” says McKibben. “We want the students down here to make the studio projects be meaningful, since they are usually working with nonprofits or government agencies that are looking for ideas.”

Those ideas have been put into place in several cities around the Treasure Valley. In the fall of 2008, the City of Meridian reached out to the IURDC students and asked for their urban planning expertise. That same group also was paid by the City of Eagle to come up with a sustainable downtown concept with its business owners, property owners, citizens and city council to consider as a viable community. Three months after the project was started and the general public was able to add input, the plan was put into place.

“The goal is to have an opportunity to have students come down here to a more urban environment and get urban architecture and an urban design education,” says McKibben. “The opportunity here is that there are a lot of professional, city and state agencies to engage them and have the students do visionary work.”

The IURDC studio can be found on the first floor of the Idaho Water Center. McKibben says it’s a “very cool” room with high ceilings and concrete floors. She says the architecture program is a very good one at the University of Idaho. The faculty come with experience and desire to work with communities for create more sustainable living. McKibben is already doing that, with plans for even more. She’s already collaborating with colleagues at the university’s Integrated Design Lab (IDL) just up the road, as well as with Boise State University across the street.

“The University of Idaho architecture program is a leader in green buildings," McKibben notes. "With the IDL's work on the energy efficiency, and our partnership with BSU, we have an excellent opportunity.”

Sherry McKibben

McKibben graduated from Borah High School. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon and her masters at Yale University. She is married and has two children in college.