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Patrice Burgess

Healing and Helping Describes Dr. Burgess

He is referred to as the great healer, the apostle Luke was the physician of biblical times – for Doctor Patrice Burgess – he was her inspiration.

“I started out in chemical engineering, and then realized that, although I liked science, I actually enjoyed biological sciences more and the ability to help people,” explains Burgess about selecting her career. “The decision was solidified at Christmas break when I read the book ‘Dear and Glorious Physician’ a book about the religious icon’s ability to heal.”

That decision was made midway through her freshman year of college at the University of Idaho. Burgess says she’s alway like medical things, so it was a natural fit.

“I love being a family doctor and sharing the meaningful moments in patients’ lives, from the birth of a baby to helping them through the dying process. Every single day I go home knowing I was able to make a positive difference in someone’s life. That is special.”

Before becoming a doctor – Burgess spent much of her time moving from one town to the other, from one school to the next. Her dad, a member of the United States Air Force, was stationed in several places including Italy and Australia.

“I went to six different schools in 12 years. So I never know what to say when people ask where I am from.”

Burgess bleeds silver and gold, occasionally a bit of blue but that’s only because it’s the color of her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.

“I graduated a year early from high school, so I turned 17 right before I started college.”
Burgesses skipped a grade during one of their moves with the military. She was young when she first stepped foot on the Moscow Campus.

“I literally grew up in Moscow and I am extremely sentimentally attached to the university and the community,” explains Burgess. It was the perfect world for her, which only continued to get better.
“I love the University of Idaho. I met my husband there and I had an instant family the day I moved in,” says Burgess. “After moving around my whole life, it was the first time I felt I truly belonged, since everyone was relocating together.”

From Moscow, Burgess and her husband Ken made their way to Arizona. He got his master’s degree in public administration while she joined the Air Force. But it wasn’t long after that they were back in Idaho and back to being involved with the Vandals.

While a practicing physician, Burgess is also the Special Assistant to the President for Medical Education and Government Relations. Her responsibility to the university includes being a voice for WWAMI -Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho - Medical Education at the legislature. Burgess provides a face for medical education in Idaho. A WWAMI graduate herself, she knows first-hand the importance of the partnership between the University of Idaho, the state of Idaho and the University of Washington.

“There is a focus on rural and underserved care, which is what our state needs and we have a much better than average return rate, partly because we are able to import graduates from the other WWAMI states,” explains Burgess. “WWAMI is a great fit with the University of Idaho due to our research focus, our reputation and our experience in educating professionals, not only in medicine, but law, education and engineering.”

Burgess is paving the way for medical education in Idaho and for women doctors. In 2005-2006 she served as the first women president of the Idaho Medical Association. She currently serves as the Idaho Delegate to the American Medical Association, also the first women to hold this position in Idaho.
Burgess’ commitment to medicine, medical education and her Alma Mater is a testament of her dedication to the community. She is also a committed mother.

“We have two wonderful children, Bradley 17 and Kelly is 14,” says Burgess. “Bradley wants to be a movie director and Kelly is still deciding. We just hope they will be Vandals!”
“WWAMI is a great fit with the University of Idaho due to our research focus, our reputation and our experience in educating professionals, not only in medicine, but law, education and engineering.”