Legacy Pointe interior

Legacy Pointe

University of Idaho Boise’s distinctive special events venue

Legacy Pointe at the University of Idaho Boise is the premiere venue for Vandal events in Boise. The high-tech and highly convenient multi-purpose venue in the Idaho Water Center, at the corner of Broadway and Front streets, has hosted a number of alumni, student recruitment  VSF and community events.

“Not only is the room a beautiful addition and comfortable seminar space, but the ability to bring people together via video conference and make them feel like they are fully integrated into the program is so valuable when travel isn’t feasible,” said Wendi Secrist, past president of the Idaho Economic Development Association.

Legacy Pointe offers everything needed for a successful event.

An all-digital technology package highlighted by a 6-foot by 12-foot theater-quality screen.

Flexible Space
The room can be configured to meet a wide variety of space needs. Room arrangement options include:

  • Theater - Seats up to 125
  • Pods - Seats up to 72
  • Round - Seats up to 60
  • Seminar - Seats up to 48
  • Conference-style - Seats up to 24
Wheelchair accommodations are always available

Catering Kitchen
If food service is required for your event, a catering kitchen provides two warming ovens, an ice machine, refrigerator and dishwasher.

Off-street parking is available in two parking structure adjacent to the Idaho Water Center.
Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
0-4 hours $175
4-8 hours $325
8+ hours $500

After Hours
5:00-10:00 $275

Saturdays 8:00am – 5:00pm
0-4 hours $325
4-8 hours $500

Fees include:
· event set-up
· technology support
· built-in PC or laptop/tablet connection
· 6-by-12-foot theater-quality screen
· video equipment is full HD 1080p capable and HDCP compliant
· video* and teleconference systems
· guest wireless
· podium, wireless hand-held or lapel microphones
· clean-up time and security

NOTE: ASUI registered student groups receive a 100% discount.

Contact our Operations Group for more information about holding your next event in Legacy Pointe: 208-364-6157 or 208-364-6137 or use the online Legacy Pointe request form.

Exceptions to the fees are at the discretion of University of the Idaho Boise Executive Officer.

Effective September 2015

What's Included in the Fees?
All fees include wi-fi internet access, event set-up, technology support and clean-up time. 

Video Conferencing
If video conferencing (VC) is requested, VC fees will be charged through ITS at the University of Idaho ITS.